TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Last-minute party plan: Tips to improvise

Pull off the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration, even at the last minute, with these unique ideas from Annette Joseph, author of “Picture Perfect Parties.”

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>> year's eve sneak up on you? if so, we have last minute ideas that will bring your new year's eve party together fast.

>> here with creative ways to repurpose things you already have around the house is the author of picture perfect parties annette joseph. good to see you.

>> good to see you. happy new year.

>> happy new year.

>> brooke is right. a lot of people haven't thought about it yet and it's here. what's the first thing you can do to plan the party?

>> i like to repurpose things. think about things in your house that you already have. in my book, i talk a lot about going around your house and creating a party pantry. you probably have a lot of these under your sink. you may not know that but you get flowers, what do i do with my vases. this is a collection of vases and you'll fill them and take martini glasses and put dip in it.

>> i love that.

>> it's a beautiful, easy, quick and inexpensive presentation because you already own the vases.

>> they're festive.

>> easy to clean and you can throw them in the dishwasher so it's sanitary.

>> multipurpose for your cocktail glasses.

>> yeah, add a little sparkle and glitter to your cocktail glasses. very, very easy.

>> we have something for the kids as well. you just take the rim and you rub a little bit of lemon on it and you just dip it in this glitter and this glitter is actually very easy to find at the grocery store. you decorate cookies with it, right?

>> yeah.

>> yeah.

>> yeah, all of your baking that you do. another really cool --

>> hello, we're throwing berries.

>> all right.

>> we'll get the party started already. feel free. help yourself .

>> this i need to know if that's true or not.

>> it is true. it is actually very true. these are sharpies. and you know the markers you get for your glasses, you don't have to do that. write cheers on it and sparkle.

>> a lot of them with antlers and things to put on glasses.

>> no, you don't have to do that. you'll have a sharpie around the house . i don't suggest you do this on your grandmother's crystal but this you throw in a dishwasher and it comes out.

>> it comes off?

>> it does.

>> you can use the magic erase if you like and it will come right off, see?

>> so i'm really fascinated with this because this is something that i think i could do.

>> so this is a very easy centerpiece. right around your house and collect all the clocks that you have in your house . put them in the center of the table or maybe put them in the foyer to greet guests. you have an instant centerpiece that costs you zero.

>> digital work?

>> digital is okay.

>> dij at a is fine. i mean, you know, it can be whimsical. i drink a lot of wine. i don't know about you.

>> god, no.

>> take all of your wine bottles that you collected and spray paint them and use this really cool, it's duct tape . they have now come out with sparkling fabulous tape. so that's what this is and then your tissue paper and have your kids help you with this and it's fun. and it's really pretty.

>> and you can use pipe cleaners too, right?

>> exactly. whatever you have around the house .

>> this is creative with the cupcakes.

>> the cupcake idea. this is another centerpiece idea and it's just cupcakes. i like the roman numerals . that's also done with sharpie but you could do it with just icing. since it's glass, you can just download and trace it.

>> only have 12.

>> everybody gets a cupcake.

>> exactly.

>> what have we got here?

>> this is, i'm sure everybody has a shredder this time of year. you're cleaning out your office. so this is just shred that we use as confetti.

>> it's easier to clean up. it's a little bit bigger.

>> it's a good way to use your children. i use my children that way.

>> a good way to use your children.

>> and then you put this cute little tag on it. it's an office tag, right? and everybody can open that at the stroke of midnight.

>> i want to come to a party at your house .

>> okay.

>> that was a lot of fun.

>> thank you so much. happy new year to you.