TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Farewell, wristwatch? Gadgets that may go in 2014

A new study reveals the “most-endangered” gadgets of 2014, with the traditional alarm clock topping the list of devices being pushed into retirement by the smartphone.

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>>> new survey is ranking some of the tools that could go the way of the cassette tape in 2014 . in other words, bye bye . and it's all because of smartphones . all right, how about this one, it's long been a must have gadget for weary morning show hosts. you may have one on your night stand but by this time next year, will it be extingt? we're talking about alarm clocks .

>> this one was extinct a long time ago. but people use smartphones as their alarm clocks and this little guy could go away. aside from that, some of the other items, the dvd player because so many folks have netflix. wristwatches. i don't believe in this one. i think that's more of an accessory than a tool.

>> it is. i think they'll stick around.

>> mine has been dead for a year.

>> it's 4:25, somewhere.

>> really?

>> how about the blackberry?

>> peter alexander .

>> i love it.

>> it's my alarm clock and wristwatch.

>> and the tv remote control because it's lost it's importance because smartphones and tablets can now control your television set.

>> my batteries are also dead in our tv remote so we downloaded an app.

>> what world do you live in dylan.

>> rather than changing the batteries, you downloaded the app.

>> yes, so now we can just use our cell phone.

>> her watch and tv both