TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Make these snacks to ring in the new year

Cooks Eli and Max Sussman show off a selection of snacks for your New Year’s Eve party, from homemade pretzel bites with honey mustard to deep-fried PB&J.

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>>> 8:46 with today's holiday kitchen. this morning, interesting snacks that you can prepare today for tonight's new year's eve bash. chefs and brothers are the authors of the best cookbook ever. good morning, that's a lofty claim.

>> indeed, yeah.

>> i like it.

>> go big or go home.

>> i like it.

>> do you like new year's eve.

>> yeah.

>> love it.

>> yeah.

>> you love snacks?

>> totally.

>> we're going to make snacks. we're going to split up here.

>> we're going to make, what? pretzel bites?

>> we're going to start rolling out the dough. basically you're going to work the dough and get it a little bit rolled out so it's about an inch wide. yours is ready to go. we have the water boiling right there. if you want to chop it into inch long pieces.

>> they sell these in stores.

>> they do.

>> way more fun, though.

>> these are way better. your guests are going to like them a lot more.

>> okay.

>> once you've got them basically that size, we're going to move over this way.

>> baking soda in the water.

>> why don't you do that?

>> gives it the nice brown color you see over there so it helps with that.

>> we just throw them right in.

>> how long do they cook?

>> about 30 seconds.

>> put everything together.

>> yeah. fish them out of the water and put them on a baking sheet and just hit them with a little bit of sea salt and then you pop them in the oven and bake them for about ten minutes.

>> what do you like to serve them with?

>> it's a honey mustard dipping sauce.

>> i'm standing here. i got the better end of the equation.

>> you got to do it.

>> the thing is that they're really easy to make and they're a lot better than the store bought version and when they come out of the oven they smell good.

>> homemade pretzels. it's impressive. i'll take it.

>> what else are you making?

>> we'll move back here. deep fried pb and j sandwiches.

>> this is no joke.

>> we have sliced walnut raisin bread here.

>> okay.

>> we'll each take a piece and take a knife here and make pb and j.

>> everybody has had a peanut butter and yelly sandwich but nobody had one deep fried before.

>> i haven't. i can double dip?

>> yeah.

>> it's okay on new years eve. do you have to be okay that you don't overfill these babies.

>> yeah but sometimes it's okay if they explode.

>> those are fried bananas?

>> yeah, banana chips in there.

>> this is a very health conscious dish.

>> it looks that way.

>> dip it in the batter. it's going to get messy.

>> what's in the batter?

>> it's got vanilla, flour, milk and baking powder .

>> that's going to get fried up nicely. this is a fun thing to do with your friends. make sure you're watching the oil at all times.

>> this is before you had too many cocktails.

>> exactly. you'll get a nice brown color on them and when you pull them out they look like that.

>> now have the better position.

>> yes, you do.

>> and white chocolate .

>> yeah.

>> okay.

>> and.

>> i think the speechless he action may say it all.

>> he likes it.

>> that's the best deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich i have ever had.

>> you're a connoisseur.

>> you know you're having a party and you want to have a will the of variety. we have a vegetarian option here. it's thin meat. pound it out and roll it up with pistachios and put it in the oven.

>> good for your party for just a snack.

>> we'll take these home with us. thank you for doing all the work.

>> guys, happy new year. best cookbook ever, you can find these recipes and more on