TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Carson Daly previews New Year’s Eve celebration

TODAY’s Carson Daly arrives in Times Square very early to provide a preview of NBC’s New Year’s Eve celebration tonight.

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>> go back to carson in times square . we were talking about times square on new years eve. erica says she used to cover the ball drop for another broadcast network .

>> i did. it was cold. i feel for you my friend.

>> what are you going to wear?

>> well, listen, after dylan's report, i think we're good. upper 20s, that sounds all right.

>> sounds good for you.

>> thanks dylan for the good news. but as the wind starts to whip around the corridor here in times square that upper 20s starts to feel like the teens. it's cold but it's the excitement. there's a million people here. it's going to be a lot of fun despite the weather. a lot going on. we have a big show . also noteworthy, pressing the ceremonial ball today is u.s. supreme court justice . she's from the bronx. take our survey on are you going out or staying in? let us know what your plans are at #orange room. if you want to watch us on nbc we'd love to help you. it's myself, jane lynch . we have blake shelton and mariah carey . it's a big night . i think i'll get out of times square and come join you in the warm studio. see you soon.

>> we look forward to that. it's the last official ball drop for new york's mayor of 12 years michael bloomberg . congratulations mr. mayor. enjoy your time as well.