TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Turn back time with the ‘cavewoman’ diet

Esther Blum, author of “Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat,” provides a “paleo” meal plan with a twist, designed to help you find your carbohydrate tolerance. 

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>>> with just two days left until the new year, it is almost time to start giving up the processed carbs and sugars and start eating clean.

>> here with a diet that will help you drop the pounds fast is ester blum, the author of the new book "cave women don't get fat." a lot of people try it cut meat out when they're trying to feel better. but you think it's okay.

>> the key is it has to be meat with grass. that gets rid of the fatty ty acids.

>> how do you know?

>> go to a butcher.

>> i never heard of that.

>> you can find it at trader joe 's, whole foods, i go to a local butcher.

>> that's like kosher almost?

>> definitely not kosher. kosher animals are not raised pastured.

>> the first dish is breakfast.

>> gorgeous girls eat meat. this is the breakfast for you if you want to raise your serotonin levels in your brain, fight cravings and give yourself a lean muscular body.

>> hoda has doughnut holes. every morning.

>> that looks like meat in the morning.

>> this is pastured meat, meat raises your serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. it get your brain awake and alert all day long.

>> i thought you weren't supposed to eat fruits in the morning and you have raspberries.

>> raspberries are chock full of antioxidants and low sugar fruit. i do encourage women especially to eat fruit because is satisfied the sweet carbohydrate craving.

>> the snack this is product friendly. beef jerky , you can find beef jerky that is --

>> i give to my dogs in the afternoon.

>> try some. try any of these. they're delicious. they're chiewy, but you can make your own jerky. i would encourage you to pick this up. this is a bread free sand wiswichsandwich. this is lettuce with a salmon cake instead of a crab cake .

>> come on.

>> and omega 3 fats, again, excellent for brain health.

>> good for you.

>> good girl.

>> we have -- this is your -- this is a side salad, your afternoon snack, turkey and avocado.

>> that i'll try.

>> there is the time of day where women get the horrible cravings.

>> avocado twice now.

>> right. i'm trying to teach you both you really need a ton of protein throughout the day. women are using yogurt and granola all day and that's not going to boost your brain biochemistry.

>> this is great.

>> this looks awesome.

>> this is the -- a lot of women say how do i give up carbohydrates at dinner. all about lateral moves. zucchini pasta is a wonderful lateral move and don't have to cook the zucchini.

>> we have that in our -- what was it? remember we had the --

>> cooking contest.

>> it was delicious.

>> it does. even children will eat this. you can say they're dinosaur noodles, very low in carbohydrates. super healthy for you.

>> also hot?

>> no, this is room temperature. and if you use a hot sauce , it will naturally cook the pasta anyway.

>> she's got the voice. michelle