TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Don’t spell ‘style’ with a $; here’s how to save

Style expert Lillian Vazquez presents some attractive alternatives to expensive clothes, including a blazer alternative that could save you hundreds of dollars.

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>>> "today" on this monday saving monday with steal or no steal.

>> here to help you make an inexpensive item look like it came from a designer is ileana. you want something that doesn't look cheap, but is inexpensive.

>> i call it a bargain. that's the perfect intersection of a low price but quality. blazers. buttons are a design detail that designers look to make an item look really nice.

>> it is missing one.

>> it is right there. this is a blazer, $500. i found this one at h & m , buttons, two less than the other one, but $29.95.

>> also lined?

>> yes.

>> also lined. so great deal there. so now we're talking about prints. people can be a little indifferent about prints. some people like them, some people don't. when you buy a print, make sure it is lined up along the seam. what happens is inexpensive designers sometimes tend to just cut it and sew it, not up for the loss on the fabric. so look for it to line up. this dress is $365. i found this dress at tjmaxx for $29.

>> i can't believe the deals you can get.

>> unbelievable deals. reinforcing seams it important, becauses it how your cloenlz la clothes last. this is reinforced along the back. about $500. i found this from dynamite, has the exact same reinforcement along the center seam. for $49.95.

>> how is that possible?

>> a little bit of leather.

>> a little leather on the sleeve. and the reason you want this center seam tight, that's the one that pulls along your back. that's the high risk area. now let's talk about embellishment. i love an embellished blouse. this is from kate spade . everything is individually sewn down. gorgeous. $288. pricey. i found this shirt at nordstrom 's, $48. individually sewn on a piece of tulle, has an illusion it is so sewn to the blouse, but sewn to the tulle. $48. unbelievable.

>> wow.

>> i know. nordstrom , not nordstrom 's. they're always pointing that out.

>> white, danger zone , right? you don't want to spend a ton of money because you're going to spill something on it. this here feels amazing. $215 from equipment. i found this one, which is a silk poly blend from joe fresh, touch it, still feels great. 19 bucks.

>> you would never -- it has a little poly, you can wash it and it doesn't crease as much as the natural --

>> stays in the dry cleaner.

>>> now designer pants usually give you at least two inches so you can take them down if you're tall. i don't have this problem. i'm 5 feet tall. but two inches of the hem allows these pants, so expensive, rebecca taylor . i found these at marshalls for $49.99. look at the hem alliance. almost identical. you can still find those designer details for a bargain. these are $49.99, and these were $325. unbelievable. down here what we have is two pairs of trousers. always want to check the pockets. are they functional or faux.

>> it matter?

>> it does. a short cut the manufacturers take to save money. these are fully functional pockets, ken baker, $195. these fully functional pockets as well, i found them at h & m for 20 bucks. didn't even take a shore ct cut and saving so much money.

>> thank you.

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