TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

KLG, Hoda’s favorites: Lyrics app, Barnett book

Kathie Lee and Hoda reveal their favorite things this week: an app called musiXmatch that displays the lyrics to songs as they play, and a book titled “The Power of a Half Hour,” by pastor Tommy Barnett.

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>> you probably got some itunes gift cards and stuff and probably downloaded new music. this is a great little thing, it is called -- an app, free app called musix match. what you do, you download it, then go on your phone --

>> hoda, please.

>> -- i'm terrified.

>> put a song on it you like from your library and it looks -- if you look closely, it does the lyrics. it is leak a littike a little mini carrick o karaoke.

>> it is another opportunity for ihoda.

>> every song in the library, the lyrics are there. so if you have your ipad and want -- you go, i don't remember the words, you hit it. adele.

>> you know what i happened in 2014 , i hope she comes out with a new cd. where was adele this whole year?

>> she had the baby.

>> i know. all the more reason that we're going to look forward to that. my favorite thing is this book. "the power of the half hour" by tommy barnett . $17 on he's going to be on monday. can i go back, please, so i can get the date? the 6th. next week. next week he'll be on. he's the father of matthew barnett who is the pastor of the church out after --

>> oh, yeah.

>> his church is in phoenix. it is wonderful. he gives so many great stories. you'll love this, about how one half hour in certain people's lives changed their life forever. sent them on a different path. the book you write, you're going to love this