TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Collect em’ all! Check out the KLG and Hoda dolls

Kathie Lee and Hoda reveal how you can create a miniature replica of yourself using 3-D printing, and show some (almost) perfect examples.

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>>> "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb , from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza . hey, everybody. it is fun day monday. december 30th . you only have one day left in this year. but there is good news.

>> what is it?

>> well, john leguizamo is here today.

>> i like that.

>> and we have a live performance by michelle chamuel from "the voice." and you're stuck with me and this year for one more day.

>> this year did fly, though. it truly did.

>> you know, we don't write out checks as much as we used to. you know. so it is almost like -- when you then do, you realize, oh, my gosh, the year has --

>> can i say --

>> it is worse as you get older. they go faster.

>> here is the problem my mom got. she doesn't write checks anymore. she does everything online. her verizon bill came and it was 85.90. she types in 85.90, send. $8,590 went through. she had to --

>> did she hit the wrong button?

>> sometimes you put a point and sometimes they add it for you.

>> oh, no, not with money. you can't do that.

>> yes. so she had to take all the money out of her account, because she didn't want verizon draining her account and put it somewhere else while she was on the phone with verizon to ask them -- it went on and on and on. i think it is resolved. hopefully.

>> say it like she would say it.

>> i can't do it on demand. okay.

>> i love her accent.

>> we have a cool new year's present for your friends.

>> as if you have any money left at all after the holidays.

>> you need a picture of your friend, your boyfriend, yourself, whatever.

>> yourself if you're narcissistic selfie person, like we are.

>> send in a photo and make a 3-d version of yourself, it is a doll.

>> these are -- this is extremely flattering of -- you look like you. and i look like you. yeah, yeah. your bottom is bigger than mine. and in real life , your bottom is half the size of mine. and i'm also the same -- i'm taller, which is also --

>> i like it, though. let's see.

>> you are!

>> i like that. it is called shake ways. it is a 3-d printing company. i think it is a cool idea.

>> what do we do? play with ourselves? what does one do once one has one is my question. hoda, you have a filthy mind. we play with each other or do we auction them off so somebody can play with hoda or what do we do?

>> i don't know what we do. anyway, they're $25. nobody bid. if you're sitting there, new year's eve tomorrow, if you're trying to think about what do i have to look forward to in 2014 ?

>> not much.

>> we decided we were going to help you find out, the great things of 2014 ahead.

>> you're welcome.

>> here are some things to look forward tom t. the winter olympics are coming up in sochi, russia. do you like the winter?

>> i love to watch the skiing and the skating. those are my favorites. i think everybody feels that way, yeah. curling, not so much.

>> if you're a fan of the world cup , soccer, brazil is going to be hosting that. that's going to be one tremendous party.

>> for 99% of the world, it is the biggest thing there is.

>> we can't seem to latch on here.

>> some people do. just i'm -- my kids played it when they were in elementary school and never took to the soccer ball since. it is like anything. some people like hockey. they live and breathe hockey.

>> for soccer, it is so hard to televise it with commercials because it keeps going on and on and when the time runs out, wait, there is another seven minutes. you don't know when it is ever over.

>> you don't appreciate that sport, soccer, until you play it yourself and you never get a chance to stop, to breathe. it is -- you have to be in unbelievable -- hockey too. you and i are never going to be world class athletes. i married one, baby.

>> here is something else to look forward to. apple is coming out with an iwatch.

>> i don't care. what does that mean?

>> we were going to try to show a prototype, do something. i had a total past traumatic stress disorder moment. the other --

>> okay.

>> what was it called?

>> i wonder if my phone will incinerate. i remember it vividly.

>> there is a number.

>> oh. is that my number?

>> hoda!

>> that's it. and --

>> how long did it take you to -- don't --

>> i'm not going to. i want you to look at the message still on here.

>> how many --

>> thousands, right? why did you keeped deleted and forgot about it. i got lazy.

>> the fda is expected to give final approval for a new cure for baldness.

>> fewer balder men in 2014 .

>> frank doesn't care now. you get to a point where you -- oh, lost some more. you get to the point where you don't care.

>> i think bald men can look really sexy.

>> it is really great news for women too who lose -- who start losing their hair. the samsung phone.

>> anyway. the house of -- two big hot tv shows .

>> you watch both of them.

>> house of cards and downton abbey.

>> they can't stop. they have their own line. we told you about that the other day. now they have downton abbey cookies and tea. look at these lovely cookies.

>> and tea.

>> i wonder if this is going to -- downton and the flatbread cookie. they're at world market stores or and get downton abbey tea cup sets and plates. i wonder if they're pricey.

>> mm. i like that.

>> a little bit of vanilla in there.

>> i like that.

>> very nice.

>> i haven't been to many movies lately. i'm way behind. but pg-13 movies are more violent than r-rated films that came out in the '80s are.

>> yeah, i agree.

>> the standards are lessened.

>> i think there is so much violence out there, it just seems like so many movies -- i had a real -- we talk about this, you go to a movie, i love suspen suspense, i love a thriller, i love -- i like being on the edge of my seat, but i don't like the stabbing and the oozing and the dead guy and the fingernails being pulled out and the torture.

>> yeah. i know. i walk out of films now. i can't stomach it. i don't want it in my mind. i don't want -- i remember years and years and years ago i was in paris, with my first husband. and he wanted to see a certain movie, and i didn't want to see it. but you go. and it was kaligula. i walked out. he walked out because i walked out. but i just -- and i have an image in my brain still of something i saw in that movie that upset me so much. i don't want it there. what goes in comes out.

>> new study in the journal of pediatrics says in the 1980s , terminator, beverly hills cop and diehard were rated r at the time because of the violence. but if they came out today, they would probably be pg-13.

>> and hunger games, i found it terrifying, everybody loved it, a bigger message, but i'm voisorry but watching an 8-year-old fight to the death is not my idea -- let's talk about something urgent. we want to ask you about your bathroom habits. when you go into a public restroom , do you -- it is important. do you put toilet paper on the seat or do you put one of those seat things that they have --

>> they are having those more and more in new york.

>> do you do it or not?

>> i have just -- there is also something else known as the hover. you have three options. i have found, ladies, if you have a problem with this, because the paper falls off or all kinds of stuff, take the paper, first, lift up the lid like men do, and then hover. much better aim and, yeah.

>> i go to the gym, i don't know how anyone --

>> i'm suggesting.

>> john leguizamo is hovering. let's see.

>> like that? i can't go to the bathroom like that.

>> no, but --

>> where to your hands go?

>> on your thighs to steady yourself. but you have to --

>> hover like this?

>> you're not a girl, are you?

>> men's bathrooms are pretty nasty, man. sometimes you want to hover over the whole thing.

>> hover over the whole thing.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> i think it is one of those deals where i don't put down the paper or use the -- sometimes i just sit it down. you know you do too. not everybody hovers. your thighs hurt -- it is not simple.

>> what do your highs hurt from?

>> squatting. it hurts.

>> hoda, the things you tell us!

>> put that on the list for next year -- too late for the year ender. save that.

>> so here's the thing. how many squares do you use? that's the other thing?

>> i bet you use more squares when it is free at a public place than you do at home when you try to, you know, if you're paying for it yourself.

>> no.

>> times had are hard for people and they try to save in any way they can. is this -- this isn't quilted anyway.

>> it is quilted. i do one, two, three -- i do about like that. i do about like that. what do you do?

>> i'm not telling you.

>> show me. here's the roll. pull on it.

>> i don't -- no. not going to do it because it looks like --

>> has to be sacred. but i am going to take you home and have my way with you.

>> let's do favorite things, shall we?

>> yes. you go.

>> you probably got some itunes gift cards and stuff and probably downloaded new music. this is a great little thing, it is called -- an app, free app called musix match. what you do, you download it, then go on your phone --

>> hoda, please.

>> -- i'm terrified.

>> put a song on it you like from your library and it looks -- if you look closely, it does the lyrics. it is leak a littike a little mini carrick o karaoke.

>> it is another opportunity for ihoda.

>> every song in the library, the lyrics are there. so if you have your ipad and want -- you go, i don't remember the words, you hit it. adele.

>> you know what i happened in 2014 , i hope she comes out with a new cd. where was adele this whole year?

>> she had the baby.

>> i know. all the more reason that we're going to look forward to that. my favorite thing is this book. "the power of the half hour" by tommy barnett . $17 on he's going to be on monday. can i go back, please, so i can get the date? the 6th. next week. next week he'll be on. he's the father of matthew barnett who is the pastor of the church out after --

>> oh, yeah.

>> his church is in phoenix. it is wonderful. he gives so many great stories. you'll love this, about how one half hour in certain people's lives changed their life forever. sent them on a different path. the book you write, you're going to love this book.

>>> no bones about it.

>> john leguizamo had something he wanted to share with your