TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Turn your old toys into new decorations

Jessica Hartshorn of Parents magazine has a few ideas to breathe new life in those old toys, such as a stuffed-animal doorstop and a skateboard transformed into shelving.

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>>> time with their new holiday toys while the old ones are starting to collect dust.

>> here with ways to decorate your kids room using their old toys.

>> this is for both of us. we have seen all of this stuff around the house. let's start with those up on the wall.

>> what your kid plays with when they're a toddler and what do you do with it?

>> but you can't give it away.

>> no but you can screw i hooks and it can hang your daughter's jewelry or sunglasses and keep that from getting tangled.

>> that's great. and girls are usually princess oriented but a lot of them like dine saurs dinosaurs as well.

>> it doesn't matter. you have one in your house. use a craft knife , you do it and it makes a tooth brush holder and the dinosaur has a purpose.

>> what did you do with the lamp over here.

>> well, the lamp, this is a lamp you can buy from lamps it is a $99 lamp. so it's not super cheap but you can use it and keep refilling it with the things laying around your house so all the super balls have a purpose. all goody bag gift versus a purpose.

>> legos. cars. barbie clothes. we just decorated the lamp shade with tape. it's scotch tape .

>> this someone of my favorites. what are you done here?

>> we just spray painted plastic animals hanging around. this is a wooden block. do a coat of primer and a lot of spray paint and super glue them on.

>> and the alphabet blocks too.

>> crafty.

>> let's go to the guys room.

>> you did the same thing with the cars.

>> right because your guy likes hot wheels for a certain amount of time but he doesn't want to give them away so you put them in the lamp and he's keeping them forever but you're not stepping on them.

>> now i have somewhere to put them. in the lamp.

>> this is the stuffed animal thing.

>> some stuffed animals are very loved and some stuffed animals are just sitting around your house like this poor whale so we used the seam ripper and took out the fluff very carefully and stuffed him with beans or rice and now he's super heavy and now he's a door stop .

>> or he can stop the draft from coming in. if it was like a snake or something like that.

>> this is good for my arms.

>> i love this one with the skateboards.

>> yeah.

>> i mean, you can mount a skateboard deck just the way it is if you love the pattern. but we used brackets and sanded and primed and painted a couple of coats of paint on the skateboard decks and now they're shelves.

>> a nice long thin one.

>> you have taken it to the next level.

>> always.