TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Flashback: Former TODAY anchors’ 1983 resolutions

Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley review a clip from New Year’s 1983, when they discussed their views on making resolutions, and reveal which ones they actually kept back then.

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>> crunch time for a lot of people. you have less than 48 hours to make the new year resolutions you will never keep. do you guys make new year's resolutions?

>> kind of.

>> we dug into our today show archives again and we found a clip from 1983 where you discuss your newyear's resolutions and you may be surprised.

>> she asked me do i make new year's resolutions and i said no. i never do. not that i'm necessarily against them. i think it's funny you pick an arbitrary day and you say this is when i'm going to change my life.

>> no, i think it's important to have a new beginning. i was thinking as you were talking, a year ago i made, among my annual resolutions, well, i will resolve in 1982 to learn how to play the piano, speak french, and knit.

>> i learned how to knit. one out of three [ speaking french ]

>> that's it.

>> piano?

>> that is what is trending