TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Say goodbye to the hotel minibar

Hotels say they are phasing out in-room minibars, which are costly to stock and cause unwanted disputes with guests about contested purchases. A recent travel survey reveals that minibars are the least popular hotel amenity.

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>> walk into a hotel room you're going to notice that something is missing. seals hot se seems hotels around the country are beginning to phase out the minibar. they say it's costly to stock and big hassle when guests dispute purchases. apparently we won't miss them. travelers linked the minibar as their least favorite hotel room perk. their most favorite, free in room wireless internet .

>> that's nerds.

>> it's not the liquor, it's the snack. you need the cashews.

>> you need them.

>> the only place on earth i have m&ms, peanuts is at a hotel.

>> they do it in vegas because they want you out of the room.

>> by the way, the minibars used to be free until you came along and they said we have to start charging.

>> they didn't put enough in