TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Study: Your partner’s voice is easiest to hear (and ignore)

Researchers at Queen’s University in Canada says that our brains have the ability to cancel out noisy chatter around us and hear our partner’s voice even in a noisy room, but we’re equally as adept at ignoring that voice.

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>>> a lot of folks celebrating the new year tomorrow night. some out in times square . others at parties. it will be noisy. but researchers at queens university in canada found something fascinating. you may want to keep this in mind. it can be great news or terrible news. despite the decembfestivities the clearest voice in the room will be your spouse. we have the ability to focus on our what partner is saying even if that partner is clear across the room. but the experts say we're just as skilled at ignoring our partner's voice.

>> no.

>> you hear what you want to hear.

>> doesn't it depend on who your partner is?

>> i don't, i don't think so. can you hear hilary from across the room?

>> i never thought much about it.

>> jane?

>> can you hear hilary from across the room?

>> in the newsroom, when i was beginning my career, you know how the you'd hear something, you heard the right thing when you weren't paying attention.

>> do you think there's a special built in spouse and partner thing?

>> i think with your kids or immediate family you have a built in but i think you hear what you want to hear. i didn't hear that? did you say