TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Ring in ‘14 with 4 dishes from Bryant Gumbel

The former TODAY anchor has some talent in the kitchen, too. Learn how to make a quick salad, pasta and more.

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>> she is whimping out on me.

>> you gave me a whole garlic.

>> we're back now at 8:51. these two are no strangers to the today show kitchen. they probably did a thousand cooking segments together when they hosted the show.

>> learned nothing.

>> you did. but this morning instead of brilibri grilling our chef, bryant is the chef.

>> you asked me if you had to do a go to dinner in a hurry what could you do. i thought of a salad, and pasta and a drink.

>> you love to cook.

>> i love to cook. i don't pretend any expertise. i don't have any. but i like to do. but if you make a mistake, you eat it and it's done with. the salad is basically pineapple, hearts of palm, red onion , avacado and cilantro. you mix it with red wine vinegar and olive oil .

>> put it in this bowl?

>> well, we don't have a big bowl. but, you know --

>> okay.

>> squeeze the fresh limes in there.

>> no, no.

>> oh, i'm sorry. you know what you're doing.

>> not much.

>> a little bit of that in there.

>> okay.

>> whisk this up for me jane.

>> whisk that up and throw that on and add a lot of salt and pepper . the easiest thing in the world is -- can i show the entree.

>> yeah.

>> poached salmon.

>> beautiful.

>> put it in a dish like this. cover it with water. pierce the plastic. put it in the microwave for 7 1/2 minutes.

>> that's the main course .

>> and it's done.

>> did you put any herbs or spices on that?

>> when it's done you can put on it sea salt or pepper, mustard and everything else. it's totally done. that's the easiest.

>> but make sure you put little holes in the cyran wrap.

>> yes.

>> the pasta dish is so easy. if you can boil water you can make it this pasta. you just take some tomatoes, right? cut them in half. take a bunch of almonds. take some garlic. we didn't put any oil in this already, did we guys? no. we're going to put olive oil in. put olive oil in there. supposed to be about half a cup; you were always ahead of him. you always were.

>> this is the easiest pasta in the world.

>> sounds delicious.

>> okay. that's it.

>> okay, you're using it with penne. would you use it for other kinds of pasta as well?

>> you could.

>> get this off?

>> just a little bit of it.

>> how do i get this off.

>> it should twist t. whole thing should twist.

>> do you want my reading glasses .

>> i don't have my glasses.

>> there you go.

>> see.

>> they didn't have electric appliances when you did the show.

>> janey, janey.

>> was he always this impatient in the kitchen.

>> hello, brooke.

>> brooke.

>> nice to see you.

>> happy birthday.

>> happy birthday.

>> nice to see you.

>> how are you?

>> all right. yum, yum, yum.

>> and look, i have one final gift for you.

>> what?

>> to commemorate the day. this is a very special bottle. i want you to take a look at this label to commemorate this very special day. this is a bottle of port, bottled 28 years ago. look at the day. it's a special port from australia bryant gumbel and jane pauley .

>> wow, that's so cool.

>> jane, thank you so much. bryant, thank you so much for being here. appreciate it