TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

What it takes to be a modern grandmother

Good Housekeeping’s Peggy Post discusses what it means to be a grandmother in this day and age.

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>>> this country.

>> many baby boomers are now adding grandparents to their resumes including bryant here.

>> that's right. i have three grand children. michaela who is 11, bryant who is 20 months and allen who is two weeks old.

>> how is he doing?

>> he's doing great. my daughter's not but he is doing great. what makes being a grandparent so special? our cameras took to the streets to try to find out.

>> the best part of being a grandparent is watching them grow.

>> they show their love so easily. they just love you unconditionally.

>> it's really a wonderful experience seeing that little bit of you go on.

>> i find that i'm a lot more active with my grandkids and interact with them a lot more.

>> we keep in touch with our grand children by skyping and facebook.

>> i like talking to my grandchildren about what they want to be when they grow up.

>> i was a lot stricter as a parent. i let them get away with a lot more than my kids ever did. but they always go home with their parents and i don't have to deal with it.

>> the best advice i would say would be to make sure you are true to yourself and to eat your vegetables.

>> get up, dust yourself up. don't lay down and wallow in it.

>> don't be like me.

>> be honest, tell the truth. and love one another.

>> peggy post is the spokesperson for the emily post institute and columnist for good housekeeping. nice to see you.

>> great to see you.

>> your great grandmother-in-law was emily post .

>> right.

>> you know something about these subjects. how has grandparenting changes from your day to her day? that's a big part.

>> it's a great way to keep in touch with your grandchildren. do face time and skyping and you can text and e-mail.

>> my daughter is real good. we facetime all the time with baby bryant all the time.

>> really?

>> but disciplining is another issue all together. it's hard to discipline your grandchild. harder than it was to discipline your child.

>> that's an understatement.

>> what are the rules?

>> first and foremost respect to parents and know that their discipline style might be very different from yours. so find out what it is and don't criticize them. even if you don't like what they're doing, you can gently have conversations but follow their lead.

>> if you disagree, don't do it in front of the little ones .

>> never.

>> follow discipline when the parent isn't around.

>> or if there's a safety issue.

>> what if it's your house the grandchild is trashing.

>> that's a little bit different. in your own house without contradicting the parents, you can say, in our house, our house rules are such and such. in our house we take our baseball caps off when we have a meal even if the parents don't do that at home. you can blame it, if you will on yourself. but never criticize.

>> when one of my kids broke an antique in the grandmother's house, her response was, oh, that's all right. i don't think she would have said that if i had broken the plate. next, how do i teach my grandchild traditional values? we're talking about things like writing thank you notes or the proper way to greet adults?

>> right. well, that's another same -- a little bit similar to the discipline part. that is find out what the parents think and recognize that their views maybe different than yours.

>> even though you raised them.

>> that's another change. our world is so much more informal but it doesn't mean you can't help share these tradition. say to the parents, well, i'd love to teach johnny how to write thank you notes or work on that with him.

>> bottom line is if you taught your children well, they'll teach their children well.

>> well, you hope so. it didn't always happen. but don't criticize them. but do gentle nudging.

>> it's a mine field you have to be careful walking around.

>> it is.

>> happy new year to you.