TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Surprise guests pop in for Matt’s birthday

See who is wishing TODAY’S Matt Lauer a very happy birthday live on TODAY, as he is joined by TODAY anchors Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel.

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>> it's also nice to be here.

>> good to have you guys here.

>> and there's something that makes it more special. someone has a birthday today. we'll say happy birthday tiger woods , also lebron james . also my lawyer.

>> oh, good.

>> but seriously, it's mr. lauer's birthday. i've known this guy a long time. did i show you this picture i gave him years ago of a then and now.

>> oh my gosh.

>> we have celebrated 21 birthdays together.

>> scary, isn't it?

>> savannah couldn't be here this morning but she wanted to help you celebrate. i believe she left you a message.

>> i am devastated i can't be there with you in the studio to celebrate. anyway, i know sometimes we haven't had the best luck exchanging gifts.

>> ow.

>> this time i came prepared for you. happy birthday .

>> thank you.

>> you caught both of them.

>> both of them in separate hands.

>> that's amazing.

>> i'll ask the question one more time, who gives someone a cactus with tissue paper on top of it?

>> al is out in california and wanted to weigh in.

>> hey, al.

>> listen, i believe this is one of those moments where i wanted to give you something that's practical. so carson daly is helping me out. he has got a little something for you to help you with your look. carson, if you can bring that in?

>> i got it for you there, al.

>> just for men.

>> carson, really?

>> thank you very much.

>> al, i just comb it in? is that what happens.

>> don't worry. just put it on a small patch of your body and if your arm or something explodes, maybe don't put it on your --

>> you don't have to worry about that. i only have hair on a small patch of my body. thank you for that.

>> just for your grooming issues.

>> hits just keep oncoming. we have to get to them. we have a mystery caller on the line. mystery caller. can you weigh in please.

>> yes, this is another ghost from your today show past. do you know who this is?

>> i do know who this is. happy birthday my dear.

>> happy birthday as well.

>> you're 56 and 60 which makes me older but i'm also wiser matt. what time did you get up this morning?

>> i got up at 4:00, mer.

>> i rest my case.

>> what time did you wake up or are you still in bed?

>> i'm still in bed. i'm sitting here watching you guys. i'm eating my cereal and i'm watching it down. happy birthday , i love you.

>> i love you too. we'll be together today. we have a meeting for the opening ceremony of the olympics coming up.

>> see you a little later.

>> thanks for calling.

>> birthday is a big occasion in our house. every year, back in 1983 bryant remembers when i was as big as a float in the macy's parade. the twins were finally delivered on december 30th and they're making their first ever appearance on today to deliver your birthday cake .

>> are you kidding me.

>> my son and daughter.

>> happy birthday guys.

>> happy birthday .

>> happy birthday to you.

>> you're not kidding. this is their first time ever.

>> they have never. not even in a photograph.

>> you spent all of these years jane really protecting your personal life and never sharing pictures.

>> never even a picture. these are my guys.

>> well, congratulations. happy birthday to you guys. are you fans also?

>> great.

>> happy birthday guys. great to celebrate it with you.

>> we're back after your local news.