TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

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>> room. carson is there. did you get questions for these?

>> people are loving waking up this morning and having jane and bryant on today. great shows of course going back to '85 at the vatican before you met pope john paul ii there. i'm not sure what was going on here but that's besides the point. then on the beach in reno. the historic show in china in front of the great wall there and a nice piece of video going back to december 1984 . take a look.

>>> we are joined by mike who is a representative of jbc electronics and you have brought with you.

>> a karaoke machine .

>> what? god bless you all is calm all is bright

>> that joke is still good by the way. karaoke. god bless you. a couple of questions. are you both continuing to travel around the world or has life settled down to a less hectic pace?

>> yes and yes.

>> i travel around the country a lot.

>> does bryant still detest cheese?

>> hate the stuff, really. i'd rather eat a pound of dirt.

>> still there, huh? i can't stand it. i'm sorry.

>> hatred alive and well . i don't understand that, but that's all right. there's questions for you. back to you.

>> all right. thank you very much carson . aren't you surprised that karaoke took off after that performance in the early days.

>> i have a picture on my wall with carson 's dad.

>> from what year?

>> from a long time ago at the country club when your dad was there and i had a hole in one and he presented me a trophy.

>> i was telling him about today and he said ask bryant if he remembers that. i said, dad, there's no way he's going to remember that. but that's sweet of you.

>> please give him my best.

>> i will.

>> there's nothing this guy forgets. he has a mind like