TODAY   |  December 29, 2013

TODAY viewers rank Miley’s show top entertainment story of 2013

From breakout stars to box office hits, it was a big year for Hollywood headlines. One of the biggest stories of the year featured a foam-fingered Miley Cyrus. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe and E!’s Alicia Quarles reports.

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>> we will cover it all with e news correspondent alicia quels. first we want to talk to jenna in the orange room for a look at what you consider to be the biggest story of the year. jenna, who is the big winner?

>> remember on saturday we asked you to vote on the biggest entertainment story of 2013 . your options were miley's vma performance, paula's surprise from grace, kim and kanye in the spotlight. the people have spoken. here is what you said. foam fingers and blurry lines, it's miley cyrus 's vma performance. fret not, paula deen , you gave miley competition, came in at number two. alicia , i ask you why did this resonate so much with the people?

>> we all know hannah montana , but to see her up there twerking with a home finger, it's like what is going on? on top of that, she has talent. from cutting her hair, breaking off her engagement, twerking up a storm. she stole the spotlight.

>> one of the biggest entertainment moments.

>> i would say kimya situation, naming your baby northwest. the fact they got engaged in such a major huge way was one of the stop stories and also beyonce . beyonce everywhere.

>> the album she dropped in the middle of the night .

>> woke up, hi, album. 14 songs , 17 videos. i went to an experience with beyonce where she showed all the videos and she came and spoke to us afterwards and said she wanted people to not just see the single, but whole album. she changed the game.

>> it's funny. this is how kids are getting introduced to music. they watch the videos when they're looking for the song. when it comes to movies, the biggest hits at the box office ?

>> all about sequels and follow ups, ironman, hunger games and despicable me. ironman, $1.2 billion, despicable me, $918 million. hunger games, $730 million. eight of the top ten were sequels and followups.

>> a lot of good movies come out. really good ones fall between the cracks. which ones stand out to you?

>> i love prisoners and blue jasmine. those were movies that came out early. people kind of forgot about them. academy voters don't remember these kind of movies. they were phenomenal.

>> i saw "blue just masmine" on a plane.

>> and prisoners stars hugh jackman . fantastic.

>> any other recommendations that maybe we may have missed?

>> some things that are still in theaters. if you haven't seen " american hustle ," "august gus of sage county."

>> care to venture what the big headline of 2014 will be?

>> oh, my goodness. kim and kanye getting married and the "fifty shades of grey" movie.

>> they already have controversy, main star dropped out. had to get another.

>> is there a wedding date for kim and kanye ?

>> no wedding date. i'll be here in '14 to bring you all your updates.

>> which we look forward to. alicia , thank you. happy new year frmths happy new year.

>>> just ahead, this is our