TODAY   |  December 29, 2013

More than a ball: Small towns drop pickles, opossum on New Year’s Eve

Though the ball dropping in New York’s Times Square is an iconic image, other towns across the country have their own traditions. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> is a little new year's eve trivia. what do a pine cone , motorcycle wheel and a opossum in a cage have in question?

>> is that another mensa question?

>> no.

>> it's got to be your opossum --

>> the good news there actually is an answer to that question. dylan is in the orange room and she has it. no surprise since she's the smartest among us.

>> it is another mensa question that i have the answer to. no. this is a question we posted on twitter. we got very funny responses. one viewer said these are all part of the process of making home made ice cream . not sure i'd really want to try that ice cream . another viewer says they are all things found on roadside in west virginia . i could see that one. sorry, guys. those aren't the answers. if you guess those are all things that are lowered on new year's eve, then you guessed it right. we're so used to the iconic ball drop in new york city . but other towns across the country have their own traditions. some are so unique, we just had to share them. in north carolina they really know how to party. in bras town they lower a live opossum in a cage. if you head over to mount olive , they have a big pickle drop at midnight. some other ones that caught our attention, ocean city , maryland, drops a beach ball . pittsburgh, pennsylvania, heinz ketchup . why not? in key west they drop a conk shell, a pirate winch and a red high-heeled shoe which erica, you know all about this. there's something in it?

>> in the red shoe is sushi, a drag queen who has been doing this 13, 14 years, a new dress every year, all part of this' rent.

>> how do you know that?

>> because another network i used to work at, we covered it every year.

>> and we don't so that network is somehow what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats . ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah.