TODAY   |  December 29, 2013

Shark photo bomb? Mom’s picture reveals a surprise in the water

A mother took a picture of her son and his friend surfing in California, and when she went back to look at the image she says she was surprised to see a shark in the water just behind them. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> ever take a bunch of pictures and you go back and say what was that guy doing in the background? replace guy with shark and you've got an insane story. a mother took a story of her son and his friends surfing on friday. she went back to look at the pictures, look what she saw. it looks like a huge shark swimming right next to the kids. kids didn't know the shark was there. mom didn't know the shark was there. said the shark afterwards, did i just photo bomb your picture? not sure. now,ly tell you lester has some doubts because now he doubts all pictures on the internet.

>> it's hard not to.

>> it is hard not to. i've seen stuff like that out there before. you remember the one -- there was pictures of hurricane sandy and sharks in the subway stations, flooded subway stations.

>> i do remember that. same shark by the way. all the way in california. wild.