TODAY   |  December 29, 2013

Tightened security for Sochi after train station attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered all necessary security to be enforced after a suspected suicide bomber killed at least 13 Sunday. The Russian government has pledged to make the Sochi Games the "safest Olympics in history," deploying thousands of soldiers and police to protect athletes and spectators. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> the breaking news out of return yeah where officials say a terror attack at a train station . you see the blast in the video right there. they say the attack killed more than a dozen people. it comes as the country prepares to host the winter games ? sochi . duncan is following the story in london.

>> the railway station in volgograd is busier than usual as russians travel home for the new year. the bright orange flash from the explosion shows the fireball ripping through the main hall. smoke then starts billowing out. russian officials say it happened just inside the main entrance to the station where a female suicide bomber detonated her e ploe sieves in front of a metal detector . the health ministry says about 50 people have been injured. this is the second deadly attack in russia in three days. on friday, a car packed with explosives blew up on a street in the city in the north caucuses. that's an area close to today's explosion troubled by islamic rebels. nobody has yet claimed responsibility for this attack, but it comes a few months after a chechen rebel leader called for new attacks against civilian targets in russia including the sochi games just over a month away, of course. the government had pledged to make sochi the safest olympics in history, deploying tens of thousands of soldiers and place to protect the games. russian president have lat mere putin has ordered all necessary security to be in force.