TODAY   |  December 28, 2013

TODAY anchors test their smarts against a 4-year-old genius

Sherwyn Sarabi, 4, scored a 160 when he took his IQ test, which put him in the same league as Albert Einstein. The TODAY anchors went through a few of the sample questions similar to what Sarabi might’ve been asked to see how they stack up.

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>> is on these tests. mensa had some simple questions on its website and i have some. are you ready?

>> ready.

>> which vowel comes midway between j and t? you can choose from a, i, e, o, u.

>> between j and t?

>> high staff?

>> you're killing me!

>> i'm not using my life line yet.

>> here is the thing. o is the answer because it's the only vowel that comes between j and t so just go through the al ba f alphabet.

>> if two typists can type two pages in two minutes how many typists will it take to type 18 pages in six minutes.

>> two typists, two minutes, right? in how many?

>> two typists, two pages, two minutes. how many typists will it take to type 18 pages in six minutes? it takes longer to read the question than we have time for.

>> ? six minutes they can type 12, i would go with three but i know i'm wrong.

>> one typist can type two pages in two minutes.

>> none.

>> six.

>> six?

>> i'm not sure how i came to my math equation over there. this is a word question. which word of four letters can be added to the front of the following words to create other english words?

>> that was easy.

>> you guys!

>> am i supposed to write it?

>> cheaters!

>> in the interest for full disclosure, we all got the questions on our desk first and none of us could figure out the math question.

>> the last one, i got right away.

>> you mean right away by 20 minutes ?

>> oh, no, right away.

>> two typists, two pages in two minutes. you need 18 pages in six minutes. so this is times 9. that is times 3. 3 divided by 9 is three and times two is six.

>> dylan is a meteorologist. she is really smart and she is a scientist and has a degree in the weather stuff. she is not just pointing to the map, right?

>> it took me five minutes to figure out what this thing was! what do i do with this?

>> that is the next segment.

>> it makes sense in my head somehow some way.