TODAY   |  December 28, 2013

4-year-old boy draws comparisons to Einstein

Sherwyn Sarabi just turned four, but he is certainly not your normal little kid. He has an IQ of 160, which puts him in the same league as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> are all back.

>> oh, okay.

>> a whiz kid from england might make you question your own intelligence. at 3, he became the youngest person ever to become a member of the high i.q. society. we have more on the little boy who is stunning psychologists.

>> that one is kazakhstan. that a africa. that is the democratic republic of congo .

>> reporter: he just turned 4 but is certainly not your normal 4-year-old. he has an i.q. 160, that puts him in the same league as albert einstein and bill gates and steven hawking .

>> he could even be more than that.

>> reporter: sherwin's mother first realized how gifted he is when she was teaching him to count.

>> he was only about 18 months old and in one day, he could count from 1 to 50 and he wanted more. what was the first man that went to the moon?

>> neil armstrong .

>> reporter: the biggest challenge is keeping up with his appetite for learning.

>> he is never satisfied with simple answer. he is asking me why some clouds are white and some are gray. i just said when they are gray, is there more chances of rain. he said, well, i know that!

>> what about that? that is an i.

>> what do you think that is?

>> reporter: no surprise what he plans to be when he grows up.

>> a scientist.

>> the aim is basically for him to be a successful person in the future, somebody useful for the society and help mankind with his gift.

>> reporter: he may only be 4, but this little fellow had some great advice for me.

>> good for older brains.

>> reporter: chocolate is good for your brain? that is the secret?

>> yes.

>> reporter: who taught you that?

>> my mom.

>> reporter: realizing already mom is never wrong, this is one very smart little boy , indeed. for "today," anna bell roberts, nbc news.