TODAY   |  December 28, 2013

Honest cab driver gets $10K reward

A Las Vegas taxi driver who returned $300,000 left in his cab by a poker player was rewarded for the good deed with $10,000 in cash. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> to the cabbie whose cab i left my iphone in last year and who chose not to return it to me even though hi a thousand pictures on it and i called it no less than 700 times, this story is for you. we told you about girardeau jimboa who found $300,000 in his car and returned it without hesitating. the gambler who left the money in that cab has decided to cut him in on his winnings and giving him a 10,000 dollar reward.

>> i love it.

>> let me be clear about something. it's not like i would have given you $10,000 but i was going to compensate you in some way and maybe like take you out for dinner or whatever it was, i know this is not about me but i'm just saying, let's all return phones. fantastic story out in vegas and makes you feel so good when people do things like that.

>> jenna, thanks.