TODAY   |  December 28, 2013

Prince George, Will and Kate stole the show in 2013

As one generation of royals stepped up, another one slowed down, and the defining moment of 2013 for the royals was Duchess Kate and her husband introducing their little prince to the world. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>> very special.

>> reporter: as one future king put another on the back seat and drove his family away, it was clear we were seeing the new modern royal family . the queen reflected on the birth of prince george during her traditional christmas day message.

>> here at home, my own family is a little larger this christmas.

>> reporter: as part of the broadcast, we saw new footage of the prince's christening. kate encouraging george as he had his photo taken. it was a reminder of how the year began, mom gets in her first official portrait. the reviews weren't kind.

>> she definitely looks older and a little bit more mature.

>> reporter: but the duchess herself has won nothing but praise for her charity work and growing confidence on the public stage. of course, all eyes have been on her fashion sense as well for which she has received high marks. her husband prince william left behind his job as a rescue helicopter pilot, carrying out more public engagements and pursuing his own courses in conservation and nature. the queen celebrated the 60th anniversary of her coronation this year is making concessions to her age. fewer foreign trips now.

>> because more will be made of prince william and the dutchess of cambridge. i think prince charles will step up to a more, if you like, almost a shadow queen role and the queen answer principles philip will do less in their role.

>> reporter: 2013 ended with prince harry leading wounded veterans to an exhibition to the south pole . a reminder this was the year he left behind embarrassing escapades and once again served his country in afghanistan. safely back home, his romance seems to be going well so who knows what 2014 might bring. for "today," duncan gostani, london.