TODAY   |  December 28, 2013

Crews work to restore power in Maine, Michigan

Across the Midwest and Northeast, workers are slowly restoring power to thousands of homes left in the dark after a massive ice storm hit last Sunday. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> there is more severe weather in the forecast which is the last thing the tens of thousand of people across the northeast and middle east still in the da dark. the latest numbers in michigan 29,000 customers without power and in maine the number tops 4,000. the good news is those numbers are actually an improvement. kevin tibbles has more now on the progress being made.

>> reporter: in freezing cold temperatures, crews are working around the clock.

>> we got hit at about sunday at about 3:00 in the morning and we have been working 16 hours straight since.

>> reporter: in charlotte, michigan , they have come from as far away as north carolina , ohio, and maryland. missing christmas with their own families.

>> kind of tough being away from home?

>> it is, but they understand. they got a better christmas because of it.

>> reporter: how appreciative are the people?

>> we have so many christmas cookies i don't think we care to have another one.

>> reporter: residents are left without electricity nearly a week but the crews work fast. much to the relief of homeowner tom nicket.

>> my christmas tree lights are on, so that's a good sign.

>> reporter: but not the case 12 miles away in lansing. frustrated residents david benji has been without power since last weekend.

>> we could consider ourselves in the forgotten zone and monday morning will hit the fan if i don't have power.

>> reporter: in maine, crews are working hard and keeping spirits high.

>> they are getting ready to energize the fuse that will actually allow the customers to have electricity. i would suspect in the next few minutes, these customers will be re happy.

>> reporter: liar kara rollee whose power turned on late friday afternoon.

>> when the power came o i called my mom. i know she is excited to come on home and take a hot shower and eat some food.

>> reporter: the good news power is expected to be restored throughout the day. the bad news, more frigid temperatures are on the way. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, charlotte, michigan .