TODAY   |  December 28, 2013

A&E announces return of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star

The network announced “Duck Dynasty” and its star Phil Robertson will be back on the show, and the network will also be launching a national public service campaign promoting unity and tolerance. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> the petition hundreds of thousands of signatures on it just may have paid off. the hit reality show "duck dynasty" will not go off the air after all. aerks&e had originally suspended one of the show's stars phil robertson after comments he made surfac surfaced earlier this month. this is getting a lot of attention.

>> i guess no big surprise a show worth 400 million in merchandising is back on the air. "duck dynasty" is not going anywhere. this is about-face for a&e who suspended phil robertson last month after comments in "gq" magazine. it was announced the duck dynasty would be back in the pring spring and a move follows a bit of a stand offgroup and fans of the hugely popular show mounted protests of their own insisting that a&e bring the rest of the show out and the cast would not proceed without robertson and a&e final blinked and then expressed the disappointment with his statements and said his views are not the views they hold. robertson said his views are based on religious views and later if -- aerso a lot of people on both sides talking about this. expect that to go on for some time.

>> just a little while longer.