TODAY   |  December 28, 2013

Cold air to chill Eastern U.S.

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer has a wet and chilly forecast for parts of the U.S. where crews are out trying to restore power lost in a storm almost a week ago.

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>> unfortunately, it's coming in time for the new year. hopefully, the power can get on before then. by tomorrow, it will be 4 below in minneapolis and that is the cold air that is going to move right back through michigan by monday, it's 20 degrees in detroit and tuesday 23 in syracuse and caribou, maine, 9 below by we get to the new year and that will flood areas without power. unfortunately, we are going to see more snow before that cold air gets here. you can see by sunday evening, there's a big storm that is going to make its way into the northeast from the southeast. now it is going to be mostly rain through southern new england but in the areas hardest hit is where we are going to see the snow overspread parts of bangor maine, up into caribou and 3 to 6 inches of snow and maybe icing across southern maine so that is not going to help the crews out there trying to get the power back on. as soon as we get into early next week, that cold air surges back in.