TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Super Bowl ticket prices will be super high

NBC’s Ron Mott reports on preparations in the New York metropolitan area for Super Bowl XLVIII, which will be held Feb. 2 at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, N.J. Ticket prices are starting at over $5,000.

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>> begin this half hour with the first super bowl to be played outdoors in cold weather . it will be held at metlife stadium across the river here in new jersey. if you want tickets, be prepared to dig deep, really, really deep. ron, how bad are the tickets going to be?

>> hey, guys. good morning. what i would give to be sitting here on the super bowl in this seat right here. we won't know for a few week who is the teams are but already demand for this chair and the 78,000 other chairs in this stadium is sky high . it isn't called the super bowl for nothing. everything comes super sized . a list stars, international media, security almost as tight as a presidential inauguration and, especially, those coveted tickets.

>> the thing about the super bowl is that it's the biggest game in america's biggest sport.

>> reporter: tickets are likely to fetch the cost of a descent used car or even a luxury vacation while face value of the most expensive ticket to the game is expected around $2,600, reality is they're already going for far more on the resale market and what's driving prices up way past the nose bleed section into record territory? you guessed it. location, location, location. new york city and wall street are first for the big game .

>> it's all speculation. it's hype ichlts people saying this is new york city . look how many corporations are based here. the super bowl is a corporate event. those companies will pay for tickets.

>> and pay dearly. super bowl packages start at $5,600. start and just in case you're wondering, that's per person.

>> pricing for super bowl is always driven by two factors. one is the city it's played in. and the second is the teams that are playing in the event.

>> reporter: the cheapest ticket on stub hub about $3,200. getting to this super bowl will be different than others too and bargain for $5.

>> best way to get around is mass transit .

>> reporter: what's called the first mass transit super bowl ever will have 12,000 people arriving by train and another 35,000 arriving by bus.

>> act like a local and take mass transit .

>> reporter: then there's the x factor , weather.

>> one thing if you know the nfl they're vigilant in controlling every aspect of the super bowl . when you look at the weather, that's one thing that the league cannot control.

>> reporter: snow and bitter cold are real possibilities and if it's really bad out, like recent games in philadelphia and baltimore, for instance, the nfl has floated the idea of moving the game to another day. super bowl saturday. or how does super bowl monday night sound? now, it's pretty cold out here this morning. we still have five weeks to go until the game ichl.

>> it's 30 degrees out here. the nfl doesn't sell directly to the general public . you'll have to find a ticket resaler. but if you don't go through the official online ticket exchange, buyer beware . back to you.

>> if i were you at those prices i would hide in a broom closet and wait until the super bowl .

>> exactly.

>> ron, thank you so much. there's so much hand ringing about having the game outside. it's going to be great. it's going to be schocool.

>> there will be snow.

>> maybe i'll get sent out