TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Golden Sisters’ advice to Bieber: Stop looking angry

The Golden Sisters, real-life siblings in their 70s and 80s whose outspoken opinions have gained them a following as well as a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, visit TODAY to share their views. They say Justin Bieber’s rocky relationship with the media may be due to the scowl he always seems to have on his face.

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>> opinions on pretty much everything. they're not afraid to share them which is why they've become tv and internet sensations. we love these ladies.

>> we do. the fun loving seniors known as the golden sisters. they have a new special with the pop moments of 2013 and they have words of wisdom for justin bieber .

>> what advice would you give to justin bieber .

>> be careful not to get anybody pregnant. use protection.

>> you got to be nice. every time we see you on tv, you have an angry look. you're angry with everybody around you and don't pie in a bucket. that was not nice.

>> oh, mary, mary.

>> welcome back. good to see you ladies.

>> good morning.

>> you look amazing this morning.

>> you look great.

>> thank you.

>> we could all take a page for you all dressing for the holidays. let's talk about justin bieber because there's confusion about whether he's thinking about retiring or not. he tweeted christmas eve he's going to retire but then he tweeted his fans i'm never leaving you but he hinted he wanted to lay low for a little bit. do you think he should?

>> i think he should keep working. i'm 75 and i'm still working and i have a business. you have to have something to do. you can't just retire.

>> i think she's going to work until 75, though.

>> he should be a fiphilantropist.

>> he has the money to do it.

>> what is that?

>> he should be happy but he doesn't look happy.

>> i agree.

>> he should keep doing what he's doing but only doing it right because he's doing it wrong.

>> not retiring. don't worry about that. big celebrity break ups this year. i know you were broken hearted. khloe and lamar broke up.

>> that was terrible. she really loved him. you could tell she was in love with him. i'm sorry that happened.

>> i hope they get back together but then you don't know.

>> what about michael douglas and catherine zeta jones .

>> i don't think they'll get back together.

>> you don't think so?

>> well he made her look bad by saying he got cancer from her.

>> he never said that.

>> the way he said it.

>> i am so thrilled that rhea perlman and danny davito got back together n. 1976 we did their hair.

>> their hair? he doesn't have a lot of hair.

>> he had enough to cut around his ears buch. but they're a marvelous couple.

>> we're talking about celebrity hook ups this year. i understand one of you have a big celebrity crush on woody allen .

>> the two of them.

>> both of you.

>> i love his work.

>> right.

>> i love his work. i love his sense of humor and he's got a lot of money.

>> he's smart, he's funny and he's rich. i love him.

>> that's all you need in a man.

>> no, no. not at all. as far as, you know -- he's nothing to look at.

>> so what.

>> and they're saying he's sexy. that's crazy.

>> you're the straight shooter of the bunch.

>> i mean for them to say the sexiest man alive, that's crazy.

>> he's sexy to me.

>> maybe he's not sexy but he's very smart.

>> what does that mean?

>> do you have celebrity crushes?

>> who.

>> i have a few. i love jack nicholson .

>> i like mel brooks too. that's good.

>> oh my god. he's as old as me.

>> she has a certain taste in men.

>> so you like younger men?

>> well, i've been married 62 years and that's it.

>> you're done.

>> let's talk about celebrity babies. the royal baby first of all. the biggest baby of the year.

>> so cute.

>> the kardashians and kanye baby.

>> northie is a beautiful baby but so is prince phillip -- prince george .

>> yeah, i know. look at how adorable. look at those big brown eyes .

>> she's beautiful. absolutely beautiful.

>> and she was taking care of the baby.

>> yeah, she's looking great.

>> ladies, happy new year to you. great to have you here. i know you're going to have a wonderful 2014 as well.

>> good to see you ladies.

>> golden sisters 2013 countdown, best pop culture moments aired tonight on the oprah winfrey network,