TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Beyoncé tops biggest headlines of the year

The singing superstar made headlines from the beginning of the year (with her spectacular Super Bowl performance) to the end (with her surprise album release).

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>>> it's been the year of kim and kanye and miley and of course the incredible mrs. carter, beyonce .

>> and here with celebrity tweets and biggest blog busters of 2013 is joe, editor of billboard magazine .

>> good morning.

>> let's talk about our stand outs here and start out with beyonce and what an incredible year she had. everything is going her way starting off with the super bowl performance.

>> an amazing year. started off with the super bowl performance. she launched the world tour . it's the 8th biggest tour of the year with over 100 million in ticket sales but everybody was asking where's her new record. she just played the super bowl . she is out on tour. where's the new album and here's the thing it remained a secret until the very last minute. just a few weeks ago it appeared on itunes out of the blue. sold at a premium price for $15.99. video and songs. nobody does this. sold over 600,000 in three days. it's number one for the second week on the billboard 200 this week.

>> you have to be beyonce level super star to pull that off.

>> i think so. this was a game changer. nobody's ever done this in the record industry before. of course she is married to jay-z. this is a power couple.

>> no publicity is good publicity when you're beyonce .

>> power couples, kim and kanye .

>> you know kim a lot better than the rest of us. you have been photographed with her.

>> yeah.

>> kim and kanye emerged as a power couple this year. the best couple name, kimye. it just sounds so happy and exciting. kanye declared the two of them the biggest power couple in the fashion industry . if they wear clothes those clothes sell. i'm not so sure but certainly they are a power couple. he released a great album this year and kim went on doing whatever it is she does and i'm not sure exactly what that is but it's very well covered.

>> whatever it is she does is working.

>> and lastly, another duo, miley and the foam finger .

>> miley and the foam finger . miley has done so many provocative things this year it threatened to overshadow the good music she was putting out and this time on the mtv video music awards she found new uses for a giant foam finger . and of course this was the performance that caused parents all over to america to ask their children what is twerking and immediately to say please do not twerk.

>> right.

>> a new one out today, adore you today.

>> the adore you song and video. people are raising an eyebrow at that video but actually the song is really good.

>> okay. let's close the book on the foam finger . right here and now. let's move on to tweets of the year. one came from lea michelle who wrote thank you all for helping through this time with your enormous love and support. cory will forever be in my heart.

>> that's the most retweeted tweet of the year. over 400,000 times.

>> another tweet retweeted almost 400,000 times came from paul walker 's official account confirming his death.

>> what we're seeing here is that news is important on twitter and celebrities important on twitter and when the two combine as they do in these two tweets it causes a huge volume of attention and retweeting.

>> the box office , the biggest movie of the year, first ironman 3, four months in theaters.

>> four months in theaters, over $400 million. and here's the thing, hunger game catching fire with just over 5 weeks in the theaters has $370 million. it will pass it soon. all are sequels or animated features . if you want to know what will be big next year just look at what was big this year and the year before.

>> all right and then photo of the year, and of course they have gotten a lot of press. we're talking about prince william and kate and their new baby prince george . this was a photo.

>> it's an adorable photo. it's so casual. they look like real people . kate beautiful but also looks like a woman who has just given birth instead of a celebrity that's shed the baby weight in 20 minutes . and most of us just had to look at this photo but one of us got a little closer.

>> oh.

>> yes.

>> there she is.

>> up close and personal. in fact, i'm god parent to the child.

>> you are.

>> no.

>> very big responsibility.

>> i love that picture because it shows you the crush of media and i'm glad i was wearing a bright colored dress because you can