TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Happy birthday, Savannah (here’s your Smucker’s jar)

In honor of her 42nd birthday, Savannah got a slew of presents from the anchors, including her very own Smucker’s jar birthday label.

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>>> you know what's always trending around here? savannah guthrie . it's her birthday day and you reached such a milestone that our good friend willard scott , which i think is nice, right on the smuckers jar.

>> look at that.

>> adorable.

>> i'm 42 chronologically but i'm still emotionally 14.

>> perfect. aren't we all?

>> working for you. we actually have some gifts we got you. this is a big year.

>> big, big year.

>> but there is a certain wedding to come. and the groom himself.

>> james franco was unavailable.

>> or eric bana .

>> okay.

>> if you get cold feet .

>> what is that.

>> socks. the red socks right there. now we also got you some books on planning a wedding.

>> you guys are underway.

>> it's happening this year. 2014 .

>> yes. it is.

>> and we know strawberry cheesecake is your favorite.

>> i love it.

>> mike is getting a little handsy. can you see that.

>> oh, my.

>> take it down a notch.

>> where did you find that cake topper?

>> well, we know that savannah wants to do a lot more cooking in the new year. and no kitchen is complete for savannah without a fire extinguisher .