TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Zach Galifianakis’s photobomb among top TODAY GIFs

The comedian’s surprise cameo during Natalie’s news spot, Tamron swarmed by puppies in the orange room, and Matt’s memorable impersonation of Pamela Anderson are just a few of the top TODAY GIFs of 2013.

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>>> unforgettable moments here on today in 2013 but which one is at the top of the list? tamron putting out the call over in the orange room . what have you got?

>> i'm putting out the call, willie . it has been an incredible year. so many moments and we have, guys, a list of some of our top gifts or gifs. it's for all the techies out there. first up, zach surprising natalie with a video bomb while she was at the news desk and how could we forget matt as pamela anderson .

>> we're trying to forget.

>> burned in my mind. next up, remember the puppy party? that was so awesome. never forget it and i still smell from it. and willie , willie , willie . al and willie . the kiss heard around the world. the bromance that continues. carson my buddy who holds down the orange room . it was a throw back thursday and we were talking about our favorite toys as children but his jet fight area tacked natalie's barbie doll . the typical boy he is and last but not least -- savannah. i didn't put this one on there but a little slip and fall during your interview with jimmy fallon .

>> i thought you were going to say so many slips and falls.

>> no. so we're asking you to go to and let us know your pick for the best gif, graphic interchange format. i like saying