TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Post-holiday deals could be better than Black Friday’s

Retail analyst HItha Prabhakar recommends post-Christmas shopping for bargain hunters, pointing out that some of the potential savings, including deep discounts on HDTVs and clothing, are better than prices offered on Black Friday.

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>>> we're back at 7:42. it could be a good thing if you know where to find this weekend's best christmas deal. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> are we talking black friday level deals this weekend?

>> potentially even better. and the big take away number here is $2 billion. we're talking about gift cards a little bit. that's how much gift card people are not going to be spending on their gift cards and that amount is expected to go up. so, yes. we need to go out there and get people to start spending and these deals are definitely going to be better than what we saw black friday.

>> potential a si second surge for retailers as they get to the end of the season.

>> tsa what they're expecting.

>> let's start with high end television. where the deals?

>> high end televisions, you saw a lot of those deals black friday but as you get into the end of december and into january you'll see a potentially increase of about 50% off these tvs and we're talking about 42 inches, 47 inches and the name brand tvs that you want. so i was telling everyone to just wait until the end of december and january to get those deals.

>> all right. a lot of us this time of year decide to put down the shortbread and pick up the barbell. fitness equipment is good prices right now.

>> right. 15 to 60% off. no wonder everyone wants to, new year, new you get in shape. you'll see not just fitness equipment but also gym memberships, barbells, treadmil treadmills. if you're willing to go out there and wait until after the end of the year, you can see a 60% discount on that.

>> i was surprised to see winter apparel on your list. we have a few months of hard winter in front of us.

>> right. what retailers want to do is they're starting to prepare for spring and summer. people are going on vacations. some of that winter apparel is going to be discounted. if you're still in the market for sweaters or a jacket, heavy jeans, you can potentially get 80% off.

>> what about electronics? a lot of people like to spend their gift cards on those things.

>> who wouldn't want to? there's a big show , i guess, like a --

>> consumer electronics show .

>> exactly. that happens in las vegas every year and that's when the big technology comes out. the iphone, the hand helds. when the new technology comes out, that's when you see the old technology go on discount. so expect to see about 20 to 60% off there.

>> you have something to tell us that i think is really interesting and a lot of people probably haven't heard it. there's kind of a magic number when retailers put something on sale. under that number you're not getting bargain but if it's over that number, now you're starting to see real savings. what's the magic number ?

>> the magic number is 30% off. retailer verss buy items so they're making money . they buy it at a certain price and increase the price so they're making money back. when they start discounting it, that starts eating at the price they originally upped the price on if that makes any sense. at 30% off you're getting a discount. anything above that it's a major discount and at 70% off the retail is breaking even and anything above that they're losing out.

>> which means you maybe winning out.

>> exactly. the consumer is winning and tremendous tailer might be losing.