TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

John Kerry and Snoop Lion hang at White House

The rapper tweeted out an Instagram video, chatting with the secretary of state at an event at the White House.

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>> in the orange room this morning. good morning to you.

>> good morning. so this is my last orange room hit of 2013 . oh, please, i'll be back. listen, though, i figured i would show you something i believe you will never ever see again in your life on this particular planet. here we go. it is a tweet from snoop dog . yes, that snoop dogg and it says boss life , me and john kerry at the white house . snoop dogg sent out a video instagram. take a look. now, they're chatting it up. i can't understand what snoop was saying but look we all understand that. the pound sign between secretary of state john kerry and snoop dogg , well, snoop lion. and here's the best part. john kerry then retweets snoop dogg between us we sold 30 million, jk. that's his official signal. so snoop dogg and john kerry . yeah. yeah. that's dr. dre.

>> is that snoop?

>> i don't recognize.

>> okay. cool.

>> just a couple -- oh, no.

>> don't do that.

>> came this close. this close. but i don't think it's illegal.

>> no but only when natalie does it.