TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

70 injured after piranha attack in Argentina

A school of piranha attacked more than 70 people swimming in a small town in Argentina, including seven children who lost parts of their fingers and toes.

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>> yeah, this is a terrifying story. one minute swimmers were cooling off in a river and the next they were being viciously attacked by a school of piranhas. a school of fish injured more than 70 sun bathers seeking relief from the sweltering heat in a small town in argentina. among the beach goers were seven children who lost parts of their fingers and toes. a local lifeguard director says people were swimming in the river near rosario argentina when some were complaining about bite marks on their hands and feet. many swimmers ran while some parents courageously charged into the water to rescue their children. the likely culprit was a school of a large type of piranha with sharp teeth. pound-for-pound their bite can be more powerful than a great white shark and stronger than alligators. while they're normal in south america , an attack of this magnitude is rare. the unusually warm 100 degree temperatures may have been to blame for attracting the dangerous fish. the heat was so oppressive that despite the scare, swimmers returned to the beach soon after the attacks.

>> amazing that people got right back into the river after the attacks were over.

>> oh my gosh, that is terrifying.

>> feeding frenzy.

>> that's crazy.

>> it's happened again, a computer