TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Power outages continue after ice storm

After an ice storm knocked out power for six days, residents in parts of Michigan and Maine may have to wait until Saturday to have their electricity restored. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>> blanket at snow in maine is hampering efforts to restore power from last weekend's massive ice storm . it's an uphill fight for crews in michigan as well. kevin is covering this for us in east lansing this morning. what's the situation there?

>> well, hey, savannah. it's warmed up to 30 degrees here in beautiful east lancing this morning. but for more than 100,000 people like those that live in this house behind me here that had a tree covered in ice come down through it, it's mighty cold comfort . with temperatures in the 30s, cold air and the threat of snow, many families without power are leaving home and seeking warmth in shelters like this one.

>> it is a little frustrating but it's definitely a lot better than being at home.

>> reporter: for those that chose to stay home, safety is a real concern as people try to keep warm at any cost.

>> carbon monoxide is something we're always so afraid of with these events.

>> reporter: she says to only use emergency generators outside, away from doors and windows. after six days without power and heat, the temperature inside their home is a fridged 44 degrees. on christmas morning , they lit a fire to keep warm.

>> we just all were in our coats opening christmas fwigifts and trying to make it the same we do every year.

>> reporter: but this year was different. the family shuttled between home and a hotel they checked into a few days ago for warmth.

>> it's been a nontraditional christmas for sure.

>> reporter: with the holiday come and gone the family drives back and forth hoping they'll pull up to a home with power.

>> it's a little frustrating when you come back, no, not us.

>> reporter: power crews from michigan to maine working around the clock in hopes of getting people back into their homes. but some may have to wait until saturday for the lights to come back on. and guys, you know, these crews that are working around the clock, they hope to get everyone with the lights on and of course the heat for those that have electric heat but just over the horizon, another cold snap . savannah, willie, back to you.

>> rough days there. thank you very much.