TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Millions of unemployed brace for end of benefits

Federal unemployment benefits are set to run out Saturday for more than a million out-of-work Americans. NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> for tomorrow when their federal benefits are set to run out. the president has been pushing to get these benefits extended.

>> reporter: yeah. if a deal comes together the president says he will sign it. about 1.3 million american recipients face a delay in their checks at best. this is part of a federal aid program for the long-term unemployed that was set up during the great recession. the benefits average about $300 a week. supporters of an extension of this say it would hurt the economy to get rid of it. opponents say it would force people back to work. there's a bipartisan deal in the works in the senate that would be for a three month extension that would help buy time to face places to cover the cost, what republicans want, $25 billion a year. 1.3 million people effected now and 1.9 million more over the next six months.

>> peter alexander in hawaii, thank