TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Unplug your kids with these 5 activities

Don’t let your kids waste their winter break in front of a screen. Lifestyle expert Donna Bozzo has some great creative activities to keep your kids thinking, like making a time capsule and homemade thank-you notes.

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>>> if you're like a lot of family, your kids are probably home from school this week either plugged into a video game or telling you that they are so bored.

>> donna has ideas to keep your kids busy while nurturing their creative side. hey, donna. we love this. getting away from the video games and ipad.

>> you're home together as a family, spend it together as a family.

>> chloe is so sweet. she has lovely manners.

>> all those prepsents, you how about doing the thank you notes.

>> one of the best things you can teach your children to do.

>> so you can make cards out of anything. chloe is working on this right here, we use buttonsed a fe ed and felt and stamps and just made a cute little thank you. maybe even cereal. just glue it --

>> exactly.

>> what a way to spend the day.

>> what does samantha have cooking over here?

>> she's putting together all the things that remind her of last year. this is a time capsule , you can put in magazine clippings, maybe a halloween picture.

>> and bury it somewhere?

>> yeah, go hide it.

>> where will you bury it? don't tell us. keep it a secret .

>> if i had made one when i was a kid, maybe i would have some of these things in it. you find it later. go ahead and put all the favorite things in a pinata and on new year's eve, break open last year's, start the new year fresh.

>> that's clever. all right.

>> and this is a family game . i say this is a great game, i used to play this a lot. you can make your family history into a game. you create spaces with pictures and you can go ahead and make cars. for one chip, name the player to your right's favorite sports. you can play with chips or m and ms.

>> so how well do you know your family members. such a clever idea.

>> adoral.

>> easy to do.

>> what is clel ciis chelsea working on?

>> we love resolutions in our house. we made a resolution board. whether it's making the honor roll . and you can turn to it during the year.

>> a good wrreminder.

>> exactly.

>> and this is about telling jokes?

>> turn your house into a comedy club . they spend the day writing down jokes and one at a time, you can get up and perform.

>> do you have a joke for us? let me tell you one. there was a rabbi and a priest -- no, kidding.

>> do you have one, honey?

>> he's thinking about it.

>> all right. thanks, donna.

>>> tomorrow how hard do you really need to be working? immunity soups to help keep you healthy.

>> and more curb appeal for your home.

>> have an awesome day, everyone. god bless .