TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Superfan gets amazing ambush makeover

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin transform a Kathie Lee and Hoda superfan with an amazing makeover just in time to see the Rockettes.

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>>> we're back on this thirsty thursday with another edition of our plaza ambush makeover . once again our resident makeover team has waved their beauty magic wands and made some magic. la-la-la-la.

>> hi, ladies and gentlemen . how was it today?

>> every is in tholiday spirit and what a better way to start out the new year than with a new look.

>> she will sli lly is 46 and is from austin and she'd rather sleep than spend time getting ready. take a listen.

>> i know you're flipping out.

>> i am. i so needed it. my hair is a mess and i'm a mess.

>> i don't think your husband thinks that, but you're not thrilled about this for one reason.

>> i don't like getting on the air for one. but i'm excited to see what is going on here, see her in a way that i've never seen her before.

>> you're a good husband. we'll only put you on tv a lot now. happy holidays .

>> thank you. i'm so excited.

>> all right. and jeff is excited, too.

>> he's a cutie. the lone ranger . leave your blind fold on for just a second. here is shelly before. shelly , let's see the new you.

>> all right, jeff, take off your blind fold.

>> she's beautiful.

>> are you ready, shelly ? turn around and take a look at yourself .

>> oh, my gosh.

>> look right here at camera 12. tell us about the hair.

>> the hair, just made it much shorter, much more layered. and just gave it much more style. and her hair had an orange quality to it, i gave it a rich light chocolate brown which goes great with her skin color .

>> what do you think of the sexy sassy hair?

>> it looks really good. i came to new york on my 50th birthday present, but i feel like i'm going home with a different woman.

>> surprise!

>> and that dress fits her perfectly.

>> a lot of people don't know, we don't have mirrors where we get dressed, and she was like fuschia, are you sure?

>> i love it. big round of applause. take her out someplace beautiful.

>> shelly , you can go join your husband. our second lady is julie , she's 52 from columbia, missouri. recently retired from her job, and she begged them to give her a brand new look to go along with the brand new chapter in her life.

>> and you can't stop singing. we picked her because we heard that.

>> and i watch the girls daily and i can't wait.

>> so what are you hoping for?

>> whatever you want to do.

>> we like to hear that.

>> that's the attitude. all right. she's here with her friend, sandy. let's take one last look at julie before and bring out the new julie . oh, wow. okay. wow. sandy, take it off and take a look at your friend.

>> oh, my goodness. oh, julie .

>> turn around and see what she sees.

>> oh, my god! who am i?

>> something tells me you wear glasses in real life .

>> only for driving.

>> look how great you look over there. tell us about the hair.

>> i think julie just wanted to get up and close and personal. i obviously changed the hair color . she was blond. the blopd wnd was washing her out. i added who are depth, gave her a classic layered haircut.

>> sandy loves her friend. why are you crying?

>> i'm so happy for her.

>> she looks beautiful.

>> and we love the outfit.

>> flip around for one second. that will come off.

>> love it. love to see friends like that. it's so great. shelly , why don't you come back out. thank you