TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Unwanted gift? How to swap, sell or return it

For me? You shouldn’t have! Nina Wildorf, executive editor of All You, shares her best tips on making the most of those unwanted gifts, from how to beat long return lines to selling them off yourself.

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>>> the holidays have come and gone, which mean there is are several gifts you love and several you don't know what to do with.

>> here to help figure out how to help the unwanted gifts is the executive editor of "all you" magazine. how are you?

>> although you're grateful for people being so jgenerous, you won't love everything.

>> it is so nice people have given you you you gifts, but maybe you don't like what it looks like, maybe it doesn't fit you, maybe you have too many of them and so there are really smart things that you can do. and we're all about helping people shop smarter and that comes to returning and even donating.

>> sometimes you don't get the receipt in the box. so you can just take it back?

>> everybody knows you keep the tag organization the box. but there are three things you can do. number one, arrive early. right at the beginning of the day, the most experienced salespeople are working. the lines are shorter. everything will go smoother.

>> so when it opens up, be there.

>> totally. number two, act fast. the magic window for returns is within two weeks. so most returns accept them within two week without a receipt. and also once 50i9 items get discounted, you will only get the last price. they will give you the low he is price. and then number three, if you don't have a recent, don't stress. you can always go to the website and print out the style number, the name and the price and take that to the store. and 99% of time, that will work especially if stores like kohl's, jcpenney, they don't require the gift receipt.

>> and where should you donate gifts?

>> this is a really good thing especially with tech. tablets have been really big, laptop, smartphones. you might have things that were good for you last year and now you won't be using them anymore. but there is a wonderful website called the giving they partner with 1600 charities around the country, you just type in your zip code and it turns up charities near you and all the things that they're looking for. you can then send the items in and get the tax donation. and it's a wonderful thing, too, if you have children's clothes or children's toys you won't use. children's hospitals can use those items.

>> make sure you clean all those toys.

>> and wipe the computer from any kind of personal -- and you talked about swapping.

>> there is a trade-in program. if you have books, cds are or maybe you have doubles of, you can go on to the website, type in what the item is, they will tell what you iu you you what it's worth t o them. you will get a credit on amazon and then you have 7 days to mail it in. so it's a great deal. you don't have to pay for shipping or anything. you often get doubles of things and you just don't know what you'll do.

>> and you talked about reselling gifts?

>> yes. say you got a sweater are or some kids' clothes that are not the right size and you don't know what do. you don't need them. instead of just throwing them in the closet, there is a website called thread i use it all the time. they send you a bag, you fill the bag with stuff. you mail it back to them. no shipping costs in any which way. you get 25% to 40% of the cost of the items, the retail cost. you can use it either to buy stuff on thepaypal.

>> i like to give to charity.

>> and then finally, gift cards . a lot of people get gift cards this time of year and if you look at it, you know right away if you're going to use this or the not. and so there is a website called card, they make it so easy. you literally type in the amount and the number on the gift card , you will get up to 92% of the value, they will mail you a check the next day. it could not be any simpler. reality is people spend so much time and so much thought putting effort into giving you gift this is time of year and why not make it really worth something.

>> what is that last site?

>> it's called card

>> what a wealth of information you are, nina. as always. great to see you.

>> now that you know what