TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Should you pay your kids to eat their veggies?

A panel of parenting experts and moms, including Rene Syler of, blogger Carole Sullivan, and Rachel Campos-Duffy of the Libre Initiative, field some tough parenting questions.

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>> all right. this is a conundrum in my house, you get everything to get your kids to eat vegetables. is it all right to pay them? carol sullivan a mother of three and former newscaster and blogger, author renee seilor is the funder of "good if you have" and another one on the way, a mother of six. whoa. good morning, ladies.

>> good morning.

>> the day after. you all survived the holidays. first one, let's talk about thank you cards and what we should be telling our kids and how important is it for them to send a hand-written thank you card to a person for the gifts they receive. how do you feel about it?

>> it is definitely my public shameing here. it's hugely important, thank you notes all over it. it is like wrestling little bear cubs to try to get them to write thank you notes. you got to getting a knowledge. out there. i don't know why it's so hard, sorry, this is a great idea. we will be over it.

>> i don't admit to that. i have a hard time .

>> i don't think anybody is saying you shouldn't. you show your appreciation in some way, shape, form or fashion.

>> i think the question is the differry system. my kids are older. i'm okay with them sending a text or it doesn't have to be a handwritten note.

>> with my kids, it's like even if it's a drawing. i go aunt so-and-so, thank you for it. i writ it for them. to get them in the hant, i think it's really our job to civilize them. that's a part of the process .

>> i think also it depends on who it is going to.

>> grandma, grandpa, you want to make sure they were thought of. next, it's another one like this, kids are picky eaters. so i will admit to sometimes bribing them. the question is in the huffington post .

>> absolutely.

>> there was an argue about paying your kid, though, to eat their veggies, how do you guys feel?

>> it's a costly proposition.

>> it's not what i do. i'm all about bribing, whether for desserts or whatever. sometimes you need to get used to the vegetables, the things you don't like it, whatever it takes to eat it and get over it.

>> i don't think the whole idea of this works for you when they're 18 months old or 3-years-old. i think it will pass their lips, somehow, some way. then they discover they like it. you got to get in there first.

>> it's effective. didn't you feel so lame as a parent?

>> i'm okay with being with parents.

>> they got that on other levels.

>> i can't do it. i can't pay you to eat. i can't.

>> honestly, if you model it, they want to have what you are having a lot.

>> i do.

>> not my kids.

>> i do.

>> if he wants it.

>> i don't know, the whole rewards system people on pinterest. we are supposed to have a cart, a sticker, a label.

>> just say no to pinterest parenting.

>> turn it out.

>> okay this next one was published, should parents cut sleepover parties short and have kids sleep in their own homes, in other words, sleep unders. you let them go and do everything to the point of picking them up.

>> when i read that, it seems like the reason is because they say then they're too cranky and the kids don't sleep well .

>> i don't let them spend a night at a place where our values will be undervalued. come on, let them have fun.

>> the next di they are h -- to deal with. they are horible. they are so tired. they say nothing good is going to happen after 11:00 .

>> it has everything often happens after 11:00 . .

>> you have to choose your battles. we all had great slumber party experiences.

>> i didn't. not all of us are good for kids.

>> you have to learn.

>> i agree.

>> ladies, thank you. great conversations.