TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Boston Marathon bombing tops year’s iconic images

Photos from the bombing that killed three and injured hundreds last April are among the most iconic images of the year, presented by HuffPost Live’s Ricky Camilleri.

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>> from the birth of a royal baby to the death on an international icon, 2013 has provided us with the memorable people, places and events good and bad.

>> here to help us is ricky camalari. good morning.

>> happy holidays to you as well. let's get to you with one of the iconic images that came from a tragic event. in this photo at the marathon bombing.

>> first responders. this is jeff bowman who was hit in one of the blasts. there were two blasts in the marathon bombing as you remember. they happened so quickly. these images came out so fast we saw first responders and a lot of volunteers coming forward to help people who have been tragically struck. it's a lasting image.

>> let's point out we cropped that a little bit. it's very graphic. certainly, that was the image of the boston bombings. hope frances, meanwhile, was a huge story. the "time's" person of the year. this is one of the images of the year.

>> this is perfect. a pope taking a selfie with young people . what we are seeing is a contemporary pope who is interested in the contemporary issues. whether it's gay marriage or homosexuality in the church. whether it's world events that are happening. he is interested in the complexities just in his recent speech, he talked about poverty and attacking poverty and world peace . he addressed syria. things we don't see popes address, young people are interested in world events and domestic issues like gay marriage and homosexuality within the church. the pope is attacking all these, he's doing it with tenderness and an open heart which we haven't seen from popes before.

>> he said in the past, who am i to judge? also this year, we saw the passing, of course, of nelson mandela .

>> yeah, of course. when nelson mandela passed away. it was really impactful i think because we had sort of seen it coming. he had been in and out of the hospital. he is such an iconic figure. a figure that stands for peace and change and resilience and peaceful resilience. not just in fighting the apartheid in south africa and as the president as any sort of leader, he stood for change and south africans , this is carrying his body to the final resting place , which is his childhood home. you see south africans here chanting and celebrating the memory of nelson mandela .

>> it's interesting. it's not somber. everyone is celebrating the life of nelson mandela . back here at home the government shutdown was a huge story. 800,000 workers were furloughed. we had one image.

>> 800,000 four lowed as you said, 1.2 million workers had to go to work. the government shut down from the 1st of october to the 16th early in the morning on the 17th. obama signed the new budget plan and i think one of the things that's important to remember was that this is congress and the house not being able to agree on something that really, they were both willing to take the american people hostage for a little while for 16 days to come to some kind of an agreement. it all seemed, i think to most of the american people , it seemed like a pr push. no one knew who won, because the american people lost. they couldn't go to work.

>> we are having technical difficulties . we should point out. also, we also celebrated the birth of a new prince, prince george . i was there for it.

>> yeah.

>> you were there. you were waiting with everybody else. i unfortunately, i wanted to wait. iped to sort of be a royal watcher. i couldn't get done with it. were you at the end of it, you have to remember?

>> i was there for 12 full days.

>> you know, that means tfx well said.

>> it was actually a great time and just to be able to have something so positive and fun to be able to reflect.

>> i was so fascinated. they were talking about the betting pool that they had going for the different names and the dates. it was a huge betting pool . i was so surprised by that.

>> the bookings in london made a killing on this i should say.

>> where are you getting the different numbers? i have no idea.

>> we are still struggling with the royal baby.

>> we see that.

>> back here at home, the end of doma, it was huge news for the defensive marriage act .

>> we covered this extensively at huff post live. this is actually in march, someone protesting the oral arguments and what we saw was in june, the supreme court struck down section 3 of the defensive marriaging a, which stated that any same sex couple that were married in any state were recognized federally. so if you were married in massachusetts and you moved to a state that didn't necessarily recognize gay marriage , guess what, the federal government recognizes it. if your spouse died, with i is where this case stemmed from, if your spouse died, you were legally recognized to estate tax and other benefits, things that couples have been fighting so long. it was a huge step in recognizing same-sex marriage.

>> all right.

>> i got to do this transition. now, 32 you the foam finger seen around the world.

>> the foam finger that lobbed a,000 internet pieces.

>> i was wanting to see is that picture over and over again. there it is.

>> let's take a minute, guys, let's bask in this glory.

>> we are looking for thor glory.

>> we were going so strong, ricky .

>> i love miley, guys. i love everything that's such a conversationsal piece. people love talking about miley. people love the foam finger . i think it's provoked a lot of interesting conversations at least on the internet, lrnt this is a woman empowering her sexually or a blast against them in so many ways. so i look at this kind of conversation at she's nevertheless the fascinating and interesting to talk about and i don't know that foam finger is pretty hilarious.

>> why won't you make it out of the foam finger ?

>> i can never look at a sporting event . sadly. ricky ,