TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Beyoncé, royal baby are top Bing searches

Craig Beilinson of Bing reveals the search engine’s top searches of 2013 as the visits TODAY digital expert Mario Armstrong in the Orange Room.

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>> over to the orange room . a look at the most searched items of 2013 . you don't want to know what savannah was just searching. we'll turn it over to you.

>> wasn't good.

>> i don't want to know. savannah put the phone down t. top searches of 2013 . we have the director for bing searches for bing trends, rather, craig, how are you? let's jump right into this. get ready to the first category. the most searched person is.

>> well it's a shakeup this year him for the every year after year it was kim car did sheian. but in 2013 , it was actually beyonce.

>> wow, awesome. all this time kim kardashian . were you guys excited?

>> we were excited to see a change at the top. we were tired of seeing the kardashians, between the super bowl the plaqueout. i don't want to blame her.

>> i'm a raiders fan. let not go back there. between super bowl pictures of baby ivey. clearly to celebrate. she dropped a new album.

>> all the people searched were all women. top five.

>> it was amazings, the top five were all women, whether madonna, taylor swift . rihanna, kim kardashian or beyonce.

>> let's look at the most searched news story for 2013 .

>> babies in the news again. we saw the royal baby. everyone was on bing searching for the latest information. so it was nice to see positive fun news rise to the top of the list on bing, certainly there was a share of tragedy between the boston marathon and bombing came in at number 26789 the kidnappings in cleveland.

>> the zimmerman trial.

>> the gun control debate was at the top of everybody's list.

>> you guys broke down song categories. everyone that loves music. what was the top song searched for?

>> it was a big year in seattle. we got ryan lewis with thrift shop at no. 1 of the most searched song on bing.

>> $20 in my pocket. before we go, will you tally up the most searched fuse show. the most searched morning news show, folks. guess who won this one?

>> congratulations all around. the "today" show came in no. 1.

>> i asked him before the segment, you are not just doing this because are you in the orange room hanging out with us? no, you were the most searched. it makes sense. we had big highlights. over 2 million visitors. we are the best.

>> it's been a biggier for you guys.

>> that showed on bing.

>> we will send it being to the news desk.

>> thanks, for coming and telling us how super we are.

>> you already knew that?

>> no conflict of interest, whatsoever.