TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Chocolate, beef prices going up next year

TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky reveals some common products that will be going up in price, such as chocolate, expected to become 26 percent more expensive. She also and offers some advice on dealing with the increases.

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>> we are back at 7:41. if you are feeling lighter post-christmas. prices for some of your favorite things, certain fess saysties are expected to rise if 2014 . our "today" financial editor, jean, gas prices are going down, right?

>> by about .7 of a gallon which followed a drop last year.

>> that itself the good news. onto the bad.

>> a real staple, beef is going up, we saw prices in 20 lean.

>> beef prices hit a high in 2013 . the cattle is continuing to rise. you have cattle rustleing believe it or not. beef prices are headed up again.

>> what's your tip if you want to keep these bills down.

>> for guys areries across the board, first of all, you want to shop mid-day morning. that's when you see the manager's special. you also want to boy things on sale.

>> talk about bread, school lunch , bread is going up, too, why?

>> wheat and wheat flour prices are increases 4-5%. so you won't see prices just go up on bread but cereal and everything else in that category, again, if you have a favorite brand of cereal, buy it on sale, buy two boxes. put one away. bread buy it at the end of the day , that's when prices tend to get cut. look at salad prices.

>> shipping, the preshipping offers. this is a good time the take advantage, prices are going up.

>> prices of packaged shiping from the post office is expected to go up 2.4% next year and forever stamps are going up 3 cents, which is really unusual. usually they go up a penney at a time. january 26th , they're set to rise to 49 cents. this is supposed to be a temporary increase. they will go back down. we will see what happens with inflation buy them now.

>> sven it supposed to go up?

>> january 26th .

>> it's a little late to stock up.

>>> home prices , for years and years, we had a kind of a basket case in the home market, so it's good to see the prices go up.

>> it depends on which side you are on. we saw prices go up this year, next year, up 3-5% t. best thing you can do is a work on your credit score because you can actually lock into fairly low mortgage rates still and make sure you shop around for that mortgage because really prices do tend to be, there tends to be some wiggle room in that market.

>> we have been seeing interest rates going up a bit. do you still think that's the momentum is in the way of rising interest rates ?

>> yes, absolutely.

>> that is where things are likely to go. as we heard from ben bernanke , we can really not worry about this too much until it reaches 2015 .

>> chocolate. some people wouldn't consider this an essential item. i am not one of those people.

>> i am not one either.

>> the price of chocolate is going up.

>> significantly. actually, by 26%. there are a lot of things playing into that equation. among them, though, increased demand from chocolate.

>> we are market movers.

>> right.

>> so best tim i have here, buy the dark stuff. it actually, you can satisfy yourself with a little bit less. so even if you do take the stacks in the freezer, break one stack off.

>> it is supposed to be healthier. i know you aren't a financial editor.

>> i do. i keep a stack if my freezer. they're hershey bars .

>> thank you so much. have