TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Royal family celebrate the holidays together

NBC’s Keir Simmons takes a look back at a busy year for England’s royal family, which included both lows (health scares) and highs (the arrival of new family members).

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>> the royals spent their holiday t. queen looked back at a memorable year and shared a never before seen video of her great grandson george .

>> reporter: this year the royal family was out in force and in festive mood. prince harry back from the pole but still keeping his beard.

>> ny own family is a little larger this christmas.

>> baby george has been sharing the queen's christmas speech , which contains behind the scene shots from the kristening.

>> as many of you will know the arrival of a baby gives everyone a chance to contemplate the future with renewed happiness and hope. for the new parents, life will never be quite the same again.

>> just a year ago, a mood was very different t. queen and the younger royals went in and out of hospital where prince philip was recovering from one of several health scares. almost forgotten, though, when the duke and duchess of cambridge came out of hospital holding prince george alexander dewey.

>> that was one of the royal highlights, stories for a generation. even bigger than the royal wedding . it has that real sense of magic about it. then back to reality as william strapped the future king to the car, like every other dad. another greinke i break with tradition when kate's dad took the first family photo and baby george and tharnts spent the first weeks at home to take mom, carol the royal family was reunited for the kristening, prince george taking things regaly in a long traditional gown t. royal couple, william kick started their life as a family. even when prince charles becomes king, william and kate will stay here. a place where william can be a king in training. taking on more senior royal duties, also free to be himself. [ music playing ]

>> reporter: prince harry celebrated last year with british troops in afghanistan, earned his apache wings and managed to squeeze in a trip to washington, charming michelle obama and veteran's families. a quick salute to the navy in australia and a frenzy of fans, the british socialite upon him, his biggest challenge this year, a trek to the south pole with wounded veterans, which had grandma shuddering.

>> of course not.

>> reporter: a triumph for charity and a personal achieve. to set the tone for the next royal year.

>> they're not just ribbon cutters, these people want to roll their sleeves up and do things in a different way.

>> reporter: lots more charity work is coming up and baby george 's first overseas trip is on the cards. could it be harry who plays the church, for "today" abc news, london.

>> could it be?

>> another royal wedding .

>> by the way, we have breaking news the queen has also named natalie morales honorary member of the royal family .

>> a citizen in the u.k..

>> i think i was there.

>> you spoept much time.

>> almost two weeks. a little over two weeks.

>> i think you were longer than two weeks.

>> natalie, 12 days .

>> remember.

>> i almost came back with a fake british accent .

>> we are bringing you updates from your. so you can get to know what they