TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Customers vent after delivery delays

Tech expert Mario Armstrong presents some responses from users on social media after delays in holiday deliveries.

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>> are 40 to 60% off. some retailers are promoting 70 to 80% off specials, which my father-in-law likes to say they practically give it to you.

>> ron mott in herald square .

>> a screaming deal.

>> you are a day up after christmas.

>> when do you do that? when do you call it quits?

>> gift cards the early bird catches the worm. sleep in. you know who is up earlier. for carson.

>> i had a great holiday. i hope all of you at home had an awesome holiday spending great time with family and friends. i know some of you are upset. we have been tracking you on sorlie media and everyone is a little disappointed about ups and packages not arriving on time. this tweet, i can't believe i shipped gifts for two-day delivery, they will now arrive a week later oundz u under the hashtag ups fails. then all those complaining about missed package, don't wait until the last couple of weeks to order. ups is brown, not superman. hashtag be prepared t. third one was ups or fedex can never ruin my christmas. i got to spend time with family.

>> that is the best gift at all at dj pattycakes. bottom line, a lot of people are worried about their packages. coming up, we will look ahead by looking back at 2013 through the world of bing. we will tell you the top searches or 2013 on the web. so stick around for. sounds good. seems like dj patty cakes had the right idea.

>> she brought it all back