TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Retailers looking to attract post-holiday shoppers

Bargain hunters will be out Thursday for post-holiday deals and retailers will be welcoming them with open arms. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>> hoping to make up for a dip in holiday sales with a slew of post- christmas bargains. some stores already opened this morning. ron mott at macy's in new york's herald square . good morning.

>> good morning the die hards are already up and atom this morning. as you mentioned macy's opening at 6:00 a.m . some stores opening earlier than that. of course the big hope for retailers is a big finish to the most important holiday season of the year. for weeks, millions have shopped and shopped, now stores are gearing up to entice them in to drop even more t. name of the after christmas game, discount, dits count, discount.

>> a lot of these stores have overstocked. while they promoted during black friday. after christmas , people are returning items, which shelves are stocked.

>> reporter: they say they are aggressively courting customer, especially those to spend gift cards. deals on everything from clothes to toy, shoe, even gas are the carrots used to woo bargain hunters .

>> bottom line is stores want them to shop there and often.

>> fallout from target's credit card security breach continues. target's traffic was down. company executives worked on damage control seeking ways to apiece some 40 million card holders whose information was exposed to hackers from late november to mid-december. for now, though, target and other retailers would like nothing more than to bag a few more sales before shoppers say, we're done. a lot of the deals people can expect over the next couple of weeks are 40 to 60% off. some retailers are promoting 70 to 80% off specials, which my father-in-law likes to say they practically give it to you.

>> ron mott in herald square .

>> a screaming deal.

>> you are a day up after christmas .

>> when do you do that? when do you call it quits?