TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Ice storms leave many without power for holidays

Over 150,000 in Michigan are still without power after an ice storm downed power lines, leaving many in the Midwest and Northeast in the dark and cold. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> meanwhile, it was a cold christmas from michigan to maine, still left in the dark from the weekend's brutal ice storm . today's forecast will not do much for the utility crews.

>> it is still cold and we have snow and strong gusty winds, too, in the areas hit hardest by that ice storm this weekend.

>> that could set crews back even further. throughout the mid-west and northeast, downed trees and power lines and ice that shows no sign of melting and freezing temperatures. all fallout from last weekend's brutal ice storm , still wreaking havoc. worst hit, michigan, when more than 150,000 remain without power christmas day . george and his wife marion and their dog left their stockings home by the criminalny to seek warmth in a hotel.

>> we spent christmas . we spent our anniversary here yesterday, 23 years. we got to spend it in a motel. already have romantic.

>> this family brought their stockings with them.

>> everybody is having a really tough time. we don't have any power. we don't care. we're together.

>> crews work tirelessly giving up their own holiday to restore power to cold residents who have been without heat. some for five days.

>> we've got 4u6789 men and women working in the field to try to get as many families restored with power. we know how important this time of year as a family. we are working very hard, very diligently.

>> a home with heat. a welcome gift. even if it comes after christmas . and this ice storm also affected our neighbors to the north and canada. they still have 160,000 people without power and obviously it is still even colder up there. so no relief in sight.