TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

Trisha Yearwood cooks up a Christmas lunch

It’s easy to forget about lunch when Christmas dinner is on your mind, but don’t fret! The Grammy-winning singer and host of Food Network’s “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen” has a few quick and easy recipes to tide you over.

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>>> it's time to take you into today's holiday kitchen.

>> country star trisha yearwood is here to help us out with that.

>> grammy award winning singer is sharing holiday recipes from her network called "trisha's southern kitchen" and her cookbook.

>> i love the cover.

>> welcome.

>> thank you very much. merry christmas . you look so pretty.

>> you've been busy in the kitchen, lately, haven't you?

>> i have. i cooked a lot before anybody cared but now it's kind of fun.

>> it must be fun to have this resurgence, new life. renaissance woman .

>> it's fun to get to make a living doing something you enjoy doing. i continue to and now it i. get to do it with food, too.

>> what are you whipping up for us today?

>> this is from georgia , this is a roast beef . it's what's call about it is it's -- sorry. it's a pork loin . i got all nervous. it's a pork loin . i know pork is beef, right? i haven't had the martinis right. it's a pork loin . what's cool about this is you make a gravy really easy. i'm about things being easy. this is onion soup , like french onion soup .

>> any kind.

>> that's golden mushroom soup. put it in.

>> i gotcha. and this simmer on the stove for three hours. this is all you do. i brown the meat first so it will be nice and brown.

>> do you get your butcher to tie it up like that?

>> you can. it's not hard to do. yeah, if you want it really easy tell your butcher what you need and have him tie it together.

>> three cans of soup?

>> this will make a gravy so you don't have to make a gravy to go with it. simmer on the stove for three hours.

>> they don't feel like you to be embarrassed because you opened up a couple of cans. you gave them permission. good for you.

>> three hours.

>> three hours later, it is done and it is carved. you got to trust me with a knife.

>> simmer, right?

>> on low for 3 1/2 hours.

>> uh-huh.

>> the aus juice that it makes.

>> now you're talking french.

>> all right. it's gravy in georgia .

>> those are georgia slices.

>> sure are.

>> and now this over here that i make all the time is --

>> is this what you cooked it in?

>> yes. that's the gravy that we just made.

>> perfect.

>> perfect.

>> bacon wrapped asparagus. you want to be my sous chef on this?

>> yes.

>> just take three or four spears of asparagus. thick cut slice of bacon. roll it. you got two there.

>> can i do two?

>> you can do two.

>> roll it in bacon?

>> because everything is better rolled in bacon.

>> you just stick it.

>> you can stick with it a tootd pick and after you've done it for a long time. i just wrap it up and set it down.

>> because you might be likely to eat it up. you don't want that fiber in your diet. this is the key. this is a -- can i borrow a spoon or something?

>> this has gotten a little bit coagulated. this is butter and brown sugar melted together. it's got a little bit of soy sauce in it. sweet terriaki that you pour over it.

>> let's eat.

>> yeah.

>> when it's all done, this is what it looks like.

>> uh-huh.

>> ooh. beautiful.

>> hello. it's your show, girl.

>> we only have a few seconds so, thank you, sweetheart.

>> we want to taste it.

>> yes.

>> oh, my gosh. so will you be home with the family for today, later, as soon as you're out of here?

>> yes, always together at christmas. and, you know, it's just really about being together and of course a little bit of good food to go with it.

>> merry christmas . come back when your new album is finished, right?

>> all right, darling.