TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

How many ‘Dear Santa’ letters are sent out every year?

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Brush up on your Christmas trivia as viewers try to answer these holiday stumpers for prizes from Hoda and Kris Kringle himself.

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>>> we are back on this christmas day as we celebrate, ready to play our weekly trivia game we call who knew, strings of miracle on 34th street . macy 's santa claus is here to help us with some christmas spirited trivia.

>> i know you've been good.

>> you're right, sort of. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc store. ready to hand out cards for those who get it right. for those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd. ready, santa ?

>> i'm ready if you are.

>> k of.

>> look at this adorable lady from texas. in what country is it customary for children to leave shoes by the fireplace to be filled with gifts by father christmas ? united states , china, france, or denmark?

>> well, let's take away the senior moment and say denmark.

>> she won "scandalous".

>> the correct answer is, it's in france.

>> really? and they get -- what do they get put in their shoes?

>> a little present.

>> okay. all right. back across the street.

>> from tennessee. approximately how many letters does the u.s. postal service handle each year that are addressed to santa in the north pole ? 250,000, 500,000, 750,000, or over a million?

>> over a million.

>> that's right.

>> oh! santa , you get over a million requests?

>> over a million letter, ever 500,000 come in this area and many of them come to me at macy 's. they bring them directly to me.

>> do you get e-mails, too?

>> absolutely, and text.

>> tweets?

>> and tweets.

>> okay. back across the street.

>> very pretty lady from myrtle beach . name the missing reindeer from the following. you're going to have to think. dancer, prancer, vixen, comet, cupid, blitzen, dasher, and rudolph.

>> donner.

>> wow!

>> i got a question for santa . she got it right. she said the name was donner. somebody told me the name was --

>> donder.

>> is that really what it is?

>> it is. the only girl reindeer i have is vixen.

>> of course, she is. back astrosz.

>> from chicago. a lot going on here. which song was buddy the elf sing in the locker room scene from 2003 movie "elf"? "all i want for christmas is you," "baby it's cold outside," qutd rocking around the christmas tree ," "or blue christmas ."

>> hope she has a grandchild.

>> the correct answer is --

>> "baby it's cold outside."

>> do you love that movie?

>> i do. he knows me.

>> back across to kathie.

>> i've got a real live breathing man here. all righty. let me see. what is that? sinterklaas was the original word for st. nicholas in which language? dutch, swot tish, swedisswedish, or german?

>> i would say german.

>> the correct answer is?

>> i sing this song to them at macy 's "sinterklass," it's dutch.

>> we have time for one more.

>> okay. tampa, florida, finish the lyric to this 1951 song. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas . it's beginning to look a lot like christmas everywhere she goes la la

>> she didn't get it.

>> santa , you got it? everywhere you go take a look at the five and ten

>> santa , you must be exhausted.

>> it is the most wonderful time of the year and it's the best time to remind children how much santa loves them.

>> aw.

>> i always have and i always will.

>> we want to give you a little something for you left because we felt like you needed some cookies.